Brandi Glanville Accuses Bravo Of Making Her Look Worse On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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It’s pretty much confirmed that Brandi Glanville is not going to have a good season on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. She skipped the premiere party and no one seemed to mind – and of course, she also slapped former bestie Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi admits to the slap, but swears Bravo made it look a lot worse than it was! “I swear they added a sound effect to it! I might have been there and I don’t think it was like that!” Brandi won’t reveal what prompted her to lash out (RHOA’s success?!) – nor will she spill whether or not Lisa retaliated! 


“I can’t tell you anything,” Brandi dished. “I’ve got a list of what I’m allowed to talk about and I think I’ve broken all those rules.” Brandi also won’t give much away concerning her drama with Eileen Davidson – the preview alludes to Brandi calling Eileen out on cheating

“I don’t really know Eileen – she’s very reserved,” Brandi describes. Brandi won’t discuss the issue the two had either! “I don’t want to say it,” she insisted. Hmmm… that makes me think that Brandi came out looking bad in the situation, then! She’s always willing to say it when she feels like her actions were justified. 

Brandi will acknowledge she has like “85,000” regrets from the season. “I do every year. I think we all do. We watch it back and go ‘Oh, I was an a**hole’ and you gotta relive it anyway,” she tells TooFab.

“As long as you can see that you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, no one on the show is perfect, then hopefully we can move forward. The ones who think they’re perfect are the ones that have the serious problems,” Brandi quips. Gee… do we think she’s referring to Lisa or Kyle Richards

Brandi also says she is both excited and nervous for the upcoming season to air. “You’ve lived it and now you’re going to re-live it with everyone weighing in on it, so it’s just crazy what you have to go through.” 

“You have to go back and talk about it all over again, watch it all over again, see what they show and don’t show, figure out what everyone, the public, social media thinks,” Brandi laments. “You put yourself out there for a lot of ridicule and you just have to have a really tough skin.” Or really impervious behavior! 

I’m not really afraid of anyone – except for my publicist. And Bravo, because I need a job,” Brandi jokes. 

Hilariously, throughout the entire interview Brandi had a Bravo handler hovering nearby and interjecting to prevent her from shooting her mouth off. What is she – the Lindsay Lohan of Housewives?


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