Lisa Vanderpump Is Done With Brandi Glanville; New Season Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Is Phenomenal


Lisa Vanderpump stopped by Watch What Happens Live to chat with Andy about tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and tomorrow night’s premiere of the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

They start off with small talk about Vanderpump Rules and Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor making up so quickly after last season’s cheating lies.  Lisa jokes a little aboout how dirty Tom and Ariana’s apartment is.  They then talk about the new season of Beverly Hills, which kicks off tomorrow.  Lisa says this season is much better energy than last season.

Andy plays a clip of tomorrow’s premiere which features Brandi Glanville pulling Adrienne Maloof aside at Kyle’s white party to talk about their past issues.  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see how that goes…

Andy gets right down to viewer questions – will Lisa ever be able to forgive Brandi? “I think we were on the right track and I did give it a second go-round, but if you see in the trailer she gets a little physical with me. She’s stabbed me in the back and now she wants to slap me in the face. I don’t know, I think after this time we’re kind of done, to be honest.  But it was an interesting journey. I did try and give her a second chance.”

A caller asks what she thinks of Stassi Schroeder saying that everyone should bow down and apologize to Lisa even if they don’t mean it.  Lisa laughs and says “She should bow down.  And zip it.  Look, we’re making a show and I want it to be an accurate portrayal of what they say when I’m not there.  I mean, that’s what they do say, so absolutely.  They talk crap behind my back all the time, we know that.”

Lisa shares that her new tagline this year is “you can throw me to the wolves and I shall return, leading the pack.” 

A fan asks “What will take for you to fire Kristen? Does she have to embezzle funds, burn the place down?”  Lisa says “Well, keep watching. I don’t want to give it away but she..yeah.”

Would she hire Stassi back if she needed a job?  “I do have a soft spot for Stassi but I think she’s really moved on now.   She was impossible when she was good, so who knows what she’d be like if she was back.  I think we’ve done that.” 

Which Housewife does she think would be the best server at SUR – and who would be the worst? She thinks Kyle would be the best and Adrienne the worst. 

Does she think Tom will get back with Kristen down the road?  “No I don’t think there’s any going back from that.”   Does she think Kristen will finally move on now that she has her DVR? “I don’t think she’ll ever move on. She’s actually said that in her own words. She’ll be sitting there with her husband and babies and still be thinking of him.  I don’t know why she has this kind of obsession.”

Does she think Kyle and Yolanda’s apologies were genuine or did they only do it because they got so much backlash for going against her?  “Good question. I think with Kyle I’m in a good place now. You’ll see in the first episode we have a sit down and I think Kyle and I have had a lot in common and a history together and so, yeah I would say so.”  She then says with Yolanda, too, she thinks it was.  She says last season was a lot of bitchiness and she wants to move on. 

Andy asks Lisa how much drinks cost at SUR.  She says average drinks are $12 and thinks that’s not expensive. Andy sort of chuckles at her.

Was it a big decision for Lisa to come back to Beverly Hills? Andy says “you thought I was very unfair to you at the reunion. You thought I was a dick to you at the reunion. And you came back, are you glad you came back?”  Lisa says “well, I entered with trepidation.  I’m sure you enter some things with trepidation. I am glad and you were right because you told me not to leave on that note.  So, yes I think it was a good decision and I had an incredible season.  I think the show is phenomenal, I think it’s back to what it was. I’m very excited about it.  For once you were right.” 

Does she think Kristen needs meds?  “I think she’s had enough, actually. More?”  On a serious note she admits that she feels bad for Kristen and believes she really is heartbroken.


Photo Credit: Twitter