Kandi Burruss and Lisa Wu were Andy’s guests last night on Watch What Happens Live.  The past and present Real Housewives of Atlanta stars dished on all things Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and of course, Mama Joyce

After playing a clip of Apollo Nida seeing a divorce attorney, Andy asks if Randy Kessler is the only attorney in Atlanta.  Kandi says that he’s the guy who did Todd’s prenup, too.  Lisa chimes in that everyone goes to him.  Andy wishes he could go through Randy’s files. 

Andy says it was upsetting to hear Apollo say that he loves Phaedra but despises everything about her.  Kandi says “yeah, that cut deep.”  Lisa says that in divorce it’s tough because “you love them, but don’t like things about them or what they’re doing.” 

Do they think Phaedra owes Kenya an apology?  “It’s not like Phaedra was actually the one who came up with the lie or was telling the lie.  I think Phaedra’s whole issue with Kenya goes way past that situation.  So I don’t know that she will ever get an apology but I would say for myself, I felt bad because I’ve had somebody lie on me before and say that they hooked up with me and I know good well it never happened. But once somebody puts that out there about you, it’s hard to take it back, so I felt bad for Kenya, but at the same time…” 

Lisa says she’s not doing the clothing thing anymore – she’s focusing on her movie career.  She says she’s writing, producing, etc. 

The first caller asks Kandi straight up if she thinks a house with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool and a basketball court is a little much for a woman (Mama Joyce) who says Kandi doesn’t give her anything.  “I’m glad you noticed that I do even though she said I didn’t. My mother really wanted a ranch style house and so I didn’t know how hard it was to find homes that are ranch.  It’s like five bedrooms on the main level and in the basement there are two.”  Andy says “well, they count..”  Kandi says “whatever. Anyway, the point is, the house was still within the budget.  Well not really.  But at least it was close by and it was a ranch style house.” 

Andy asks if she thinks it’s disrespectful to Todd to move this woman right down the street when she’s been so negative toward Todd.  “My mother is older and so I feel like the older they are, the closer you need to be to them so you can check on them more often.” 

Andy asks if she wants to defend herself because so many people are in an uproar because Mama Joyce is so disrespectful to Kandi and yet she’s doing this amazingly generous thing for her!  “I don’t really have to explain to anybody that I want to treat my mother well. She’s my mother and even though she does a lot of things that get on my nerves, don’t a lot of kids’ parents get on their nerves? At the end of the day she can say all she wants to say but I’m still gonna do what I wanna do.  So when she does her crazy stuff it doesn’t really affect me because I don’t allow it to affect my decision making when it comes to my relationship with somebody.” 

Andy says some viewers concerned because Mama Joyce seemed slurry last week.  Kandi says no, she wasn’t slurry.  Mama Joyce isn’t a drinker and she’s like Kandi, who has never been drunk in her life. 

Andy asks Lisa why she left the show.  She claims that she was just such a happy person and the producers wanted to see more angst and she didn’t want to do that.  When Andy asks if she’d ever come back she jokes, “Not if Kenya was on.  Just kidding!”  She says the show is fun but she likes to be on the outside watching.

A caller asks Lisa if she thinks NeNe Leakes has changed for the better or worse.  Lisa says “I think she’s found herself, her niche.  Whatever she’s doing is working for her. ” 

Status on Kandi and Todd and pregnancy.  She says it hasn’t happened yet but they’re still trying.  Lisa tells her they need to try the ovulation tests.

Andy played the clip of Kenya crying to Kandi.  Kandi explains how uncomfortable she was in that scene because she’s not good at comforting people. 


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