Here’s What Melissa Gorga Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving: No Beavers


Melissa Gorga has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Like a beaver-free home!  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her family are back in their Montville mansion after their former purchaser/tenant Kai Patterson finally vacated the property. 

Melissa shared the pic above of her three kids enjoying the snowfall in the front yard.  “There is NO place like home especially for the holidays. #happiness #family #neverleavingagain #nobeavershere #byefelicia.” 

Melissa and Joe moved out of their rental and halted any further “building” on their “new property” and moved back to Casa de Leaky Beaver, now only known as Casa de Leaky.  Hopefully it won’t take the Gorgas too long to fix all the damage and issues.  Maybe that’ll be their storyline for next season.  The Kai drama should’ve been their storyline this past season because it was certainly more interesting to follow that mess than anything Bravo aired.

Hopefully the GorgaBeavers found a new mansion to have Thanksgiving dinner at…  


Photo Credit: Instagram