RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump

Season five of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is off to a slow start.

Episode one brought us the Annual White Party. Yawn. Episode two subjected viewers to Yolanda Foster‘s “my love” nonsense and Brandi Glanville‘s “my college boy” grossness. Ugh. What will episode three bring? Eileen Davidson!

Lisa Vanderpump hinted that the drama picks up with Eileen‘s arrival. “Things change rather rapidly I am afraid, from this gentle start.” Lisa loosely credited this season’s other newbie – Lisa Rinna — for her decision to return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after all her “friends” turned on her last season. 


“Of course I show reticence at the beginning of this season with regard to engaging most of the women. It had been a devastating experience, and I was unsure of what to expect,” said Lisa. “I knew they had all had contact with each other over the many months that had passed, and I had had none until very recently with Kyle. When it was mentioned to me that maybe Lisa R. was joining, I felt slightly differently. You will enjoy getting to know her. Her energy is boundless and positivity infectious.”

I honestly believe Lisa would have returned with or without Lisa Rinna, but this just gives me one more reason to appreciate her addition to the show. I’m loving Lisa and Harry so far.

“Talking things through with Ken, who is the most decent person I know and always gives me great perspective, often helps,” Lisa added about surviving the drama. “He is so protective of me, and he was unsure of what would transpire this season, but as always, he holds my hand as we travel through the life we committed to together, and I love him for that.”

As for how she spends her free time and money, Lisa admitted, “Yes, it looked a little spoilt this week, having shirts made and shopping for jewelry, and I loved every minute of it. Shopping with Shiva was cute. She is a good friend, and as I explained, we always have a good time together. The pink sapphire was an extraordinary ring, and trust me, I was willing to use my female powers to put it on my pinky. You will see later what happens with that…”

Lisa acknowledged Brandi. Not because she wanted to, I’m sure, but because she’s contractually obligated to dissect every episode. Lisa said her opinion of Brandi changed after she outed Adrienne Maloof‘s surrogacy secret.

“Seeing Miss Glandville with Adrienne was rather surprising for me,” shared Lisa. “I am glad that she saw the situation clearly when remarking that she had to take responsibility for her actions, not to cowardly try and alleviate herself from the catastrophe that she created. I remember so clearly, gently chastising BG in the kitchen, still believing naively that her intentions weren’t all bad. That was probably the beginning of my realization of who we were dealing with.” 

Tonight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa V throws a birthday party for Lisa R at PUMP, Brandi complains about ex-husband Eddie (because we can’t ever get enough of that) and reaches out to Lisa V (see the video below), Kim and Brooke shop for wedding dresses, and Eileen makes her debut.

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Photo Credit: Bravo