luann de lesseps & melissa gorga talk bad breakups

I bet these guys are kicking themselves that they dumped girls who went on to be famous, but yes even Melissa Gorga and LuAnn de Lesseps have had their hearts broken!

The reality stars admit to suffering through some tough breaks and share their worst break-up stories below. 

“Fortunately I’ve had the most amazing marriage and I have a great husband, but I kissed frogs before I got married, that’s for sure,” the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star admits.


“I might have hung onto a car window and been like ‘don’t leave!’ as they were driving away,” Melissa recalls. “And the car actually starts to move and you’re still hanging onto the window, and you realize that person is such an idiot and is not good for you.” 

I wonder if that boyfriend is the mysterious Bryan, whom Melissa was allegedly cheating with when she first married Poison. You know the one who promised to storm through the doors of the Posche Fashion Show and out Melissa as a cheating skank. Sadly, Missi from the Block doesn’t specify. 

Moving on LuAnn reveals that Count Classlessula wasn’t the man who broke her heart the hardest – just her bank account! I kid, I kid… unlike some people, Lu seems to have invested her divorce proceeds very wisely.

“I caught my boyfriend in a very awkward position with another woman …,” the Real Housewives Of New York star confesses to NY Magazine. “You don’t know what that person looked like. I thought, Oh my God, all right, it’s time to move on. It actually catapulted me to move to New York.”

Well, well – so that’s what got Lu out of nursing and into the spotlight as a Berlusconi showgirl! At least it wasn’t the lovely Jacques who was caught in a awkward position, you know… other than appearing on RHONY with the same exact haircut as his girlfriend, LuAnn, who then proceeded to flirt with an adolescent pirate

Well, I have to admit I was hoping for something a little more juicy, but a lady never does kiss and tell! Or in this case, get dumped and tell! 


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