Yolanda Foster Only Sees Brandi Glanville During Filming; Says She Never Had Issues With Lisa Vanderpump

yolanda foster

Yolanda Foster has had some interesting friendships on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Still battling Lyme Disease, Yolanda discusses the status of her relationships with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. Apparently she and Brandi are mostly “on hiatus” unless the cameras are on. No surprise there! 

As for her much speculated about friendship with Brandi, she admits it’s more of an on-camera thing than off. You mean, like Hollywood friends? “We’re friends. We don’t see each other when we aren’t filming as much because we’re all busy,” Yolanda says. “It’s funny because the months that we are filming we see each other every day and then we kind of go on a hiatus. [laughs] Hiatus from our friendships, our relationships and you kind of go back to your own life.”


With last season a total mess, Yolanda is excited for positive changes in season 5.  “I wasn’t happy with last season. It kind of just went by and I wasn’t really participating in the way,” she reveals, citing Lyme Disease as the culprit. “So this year I was feeling better and excited to do a better job and see if we can really elevate the level of the show and make it more fun and exciting and meaningful.”

Maintaining that she has no issues with any of her castmates, Yolanda says getting along with the girls is a “mindset” one chooses. “I’m good with everybody,” she explains.”I can get along with anybody because I want to.” Yolanda praises the cast as all being “individuals” with “very different personalities and very different lives” who are all equals “working together and creating a journey that is hopefully fun for the viewers to watch.”

In fact, according to Yolanda, all of the cast members are better this season. They are? “I think we’re jiving this season. First of all, I’m really excited about Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson,” YoFridgidaire gushes. “They are just great girls and I love them both. I think they add a whole other dimension to the show that is really fun.” 

However there are still unresolved issues from last season – namely Yolanda’s friendship with Lisa. “I never really had an issue with Lisa Vanderpump. It wasn’t a big fight or anything. It’s just that I have different expectations of my friendships,” Yolanda clarifies to AllThingsRH.”When you’re in bed for months and there are certain girls that don’t come by, it’s hurtful, but that was my own mistake. I had too high of expectations. It wasn’t a fight, just a misunderstanding of expectations of friendships.”

Yolanda considers Lisa her friend now and they’ve made amends. “She’s an extraordinary woman and she’s busy in her life. I don’t live my life with any unresolved issues with people so when there’s something that feels wrong I always try to make it right.”

As for how she’s juggling Brandi and Lisa’s infamous feud, Yolanda says she tries to remain neutral and says she’s never felt in the middle. “People disagree,” she states.. It’s just part of real life and not everybody gets along and that’s okay.” 

Tonight is a new episode of RHOBH and Yolanda finds herself in the midst of some personal drama when she learns that daughter Bella got a DUI while she is on vacation in Mallorca with Kyle. Meanwhile, the Lisas jet off to Palm Springs so Lisa can receive a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. 

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