Brandi Glanville Says She’s Friends With Lisa Rinna; Slams Lisa Vanderpump And Kyle Richards Friendship As Fake.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is having troubles this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but that doesn’t mean she’s taking any ownership of the negative consequences! 

Brandi admits that it definitely looks like she’s being excluded by her co-stars, but only some of them gave her the cold shoulder. “Yolanda, Kim and I really hit it off with Rinna and in the beginning Kyle [Richards]… but not after some drama takes place,” Brandi reveals. “I LOVE Kim. We have such an honest bond. We laugh, we cry, we get into true silly girlfriend stuff. We call each other constantly.” 


Brandi also says she is still very close with Yolanda, despite a snafu last season where she made some disgusting accusations against Yolanda’s ex-husband. Rumor has it Mohamed is disgusted by Brandi and does not want her around, which is one of the reasons his fiancé Shiva Safai largely dropped out of joining the cast and had issues with Yolanda

Brandi loves Yolanda and David. “They are always on the go so we keep in touch with texts and calls and see each other when we can,” she tells AllThingsRealHousewives

One person Brandi doesn’t seem cool with is Eileen Davidson. “I don’t really know Eileen that well, but she seems fine although we do clash a little bit. Can’t tell…,” she demurs. She does get along with Lisa Rinna, despite stories that the two had major issues during filming. 

Lisa [Rinna] is crazy smart, fun and funny,” declares Brandi. Oh – and rich and married to a celebrity – so Brandi can use her and then take advantage of her like all her other rich, celeb-friendly friends. I wonder how LVP and Kyle feel about Brandi cozying up to her long-time friend Lipsa… 

Speaking of which… Brandi says she really “did want to” mend things with Lisa Vanderpump, “if only because there was a lot of feelings there. As you saw, I tried.”  

“If you remember from the reunion both Lisa and Ken said they would like to try and mend our friendship, but you see the reality between words and actions,” Brandi says. “I just don’t think anyone should be expected to socialize with their husband’s former mistress. It’s old and tired, I know, but it’s the truth.” 

Brandi says she was not surprised to see Lisa and Kyle make amends so quickly. Even though they’ve kind of been fighting for 3 seasons now, and it seems to me more of the case of ‘Hollywood friends’ (at least from Lisa’s perspective). “It’s Kyle being Kyle. You could say she changes ‘friends’ depending on which way the wind blows, if you get my meaning,” Brandi explains. Well that I definitely agree with – Kyle is so fake, transparent, desperate for popularity. 

She says this season is awesome: “Drama, fun, laughter and tears. Some people remaining true to themselves, some mean girls, some ass kissing, others will do anything for money or fame… the usual. And a Scavenger Hunt!” 


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