Brandi Glanville Calls Kyle Richards A Fame-Obsessed Horrible Bitch; Blames Her For Their Feud!

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Oh my… Brandi Glanville UNFILTERED anyone? In a recent podcast Brandi Glanville ripped Kyle Richards calling her out on being a shallow, selfish, two-faced, money and fame obsessed, bitch. 

Brandi and Kyle were briefly – briefly – friends but all that changed while filming for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Neither lady will reveal what exactly the unforgivable offense was, but they both swear to never be friends again! First Brandi slammed Kyle on the WWHL Aftershow

Kyle can f–king suck it! I’m going to tell you why: she’s stabbed everyone in the back,” Brandi told Andy Cohen. “For her to say she can’t forgive me, everyone else has forgiven her – she needs to check herself!”


Furthermore, Brandi doesn’t hesitate to blame Kyle for all their problems. “It’s all [Kyle’s’] fault,” Brandi seethes. “With Kyle, if you look at her, she’s been in a fight with her own sister, with Lisa Vanderpump, with Carlton, with Camille, Yolanda [Foster] – she had a problem with – she has problems with everyone,” she told HuffPost Live. 

Brandi in fact feels sorry for Kim Richards that she’s even related to Kyle! “I feel sorry for Kim. If you can’t count on your sister, who can you count on?”

And she’s also taking on Lisa Rinna, whom she calls a ish-stirrer, who did not hesitate to play the she-said/she-said game. “I like her, she definitely stirs the pot a little bit,” Brandi accuses. “You know, you say, ‘please don’t say anything, lets just handle this between you and I and then she goes to everyone and then there’s this giant fight!” 

Of course, Brandi does cut Lipsa a little slack, being that she’s a newbie and all! “I think she’s just feeling it out with everyone, this is her first season, and I don’t think she really gets it. It’s hard not to talk about things with your friends, but then, at the same time: who are your friends? You have to figure it out.” 

“And you think, I had this person’s back the whole time and she’s sitting here talking s#*!,” Brandi continues. “It’s hard.” Apparently Lisa and Brandi butt-heads over Lipsa’s loyalty to Lisa and Kyle! I would say, Lipsa has probably chased LVP, just a hunch… Later on her podcast, Brandi said of Lipsa “She’s a good girl, but she does cause some serious problems!” 

But Brandi really got vitriolic on her podcast where she eschewed the very notion of family-friendly in order to really let the insults fly! “In about two episodes it’s gonna jump. off,” Brandi warns us. 

“There’s a lot of egos on the show and everyone wants to be the queen bee. A lot of it’s between Kyle and Lisa – it’s so weird. 

“She’s a horrible bitch. I don’t ever want to be friends with her,” Brandi snaps. “She’s not a good person. She’s obsessed with fame and money… that’s all she cares about. She doesn’t care about her own family. It’s really sad.”


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