Kyle Richards Done With Brandi Glanville; Kim Richards Gave Her Dog Kingsley Away

 kyle richards attends beverly hills trunk show in black.

This season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is being heralded as their best season yet. Speaking out on all the drama, which Kyle Richards says “gives her anxiety,” she acknowledges that sometimes things cross an ugly line on the show. And one person who she can’t forgive for crossing that line is Brandi Glanville

Before we get into all that, Kyle breaks down what is upcoming this season. Kyle feels like this season she’s much less guarded on camera, “There are so many snippets I see and I think ‘I never thought they would use that!’ Like embarrassing, silly little things,” she laughs, adding that she “forgets” the cameras are there. <cough, cough bullshit cough, cough>.

Calling new Housewives Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson “a perfect fit,” Kyle admits there are also “imperfect moments” with the new ladies, both of whom she considers friends.


Kyle also says season five is a return to high-gloss glamour that was missing last season – the ladies will be taking several trips, “Not just Amsterdam,” she clarifies. But mixed in with all the glamour and wealth will be a heavy dose of reality. “There’s just a lot of craziness. A lot of real life issues, and relationships, and mending and breaking.” 

Speaking of Amsterdam, Kyle says the city is absolutely beautiful, some of the ladies partook in legal marijuana, but the fun was eclipsed by serious drama. “We had one of our most explosive moments ever in the series there,” she hints. “It got really crazy. And shocking.” The scene Kyle is references is when Lipsa threw the glass. Kyle said she fled the scene because she “got so scared” by the level of insanity that was unfolding. Kyle says she actually gained 15 pounds from “the stress of the show.” 

In a positive direction, Kyle reveals that she and Lisa Vanderpump are “back on track” this season and have worked hard to rekindle their friendship despite adversaries. “We’re both happy to have our friendship back,” Kyle gushes. “We’re in a very good place and we’re gonna work hard to stay there, because I think a lot of people would like to see us not in a good place, so we’re kind of up against that a lot.” 

Kyle says she feels like her friendship with Lisa is much more open and they talk “all the time,” but they’re also honest with each other. “When we feel someone is trying to put a wedge between us, we talk about that. Or if something bothers one of us.” Apparently they’re trying to prevent a “blow-up in from to of the cameras” again, or involving their other cast members. 

Finally Kyle discusses her issues with Brandi! “We’re not speaking!” she reveals to Huffington Post Live. “In the beginning of the season we were getting to know each other well – I was never close with Brandi but we were trying to become better friends – but something happened during shooting, that I don’t see us ever being friends again.” 

Kyle won’t give specifics about what happened, but alludes to a pattern of behavior we’ve seen before from Brandi. “I’ve seen her do this to too many people. I knew, always, that if I got close to her, my day would come as well. I’ve learned my lesson. Things happen over and over again…” 

Interesting that last season when Kyle saw Brandi doing this to her very, very good friend Lisa, Kyle was all on board with supporting her. However I guess we can say the same of Lisa who admitted that she had noticed behaviors from Brandi directed at Adrienne that gave her pause and she over-looked them. Hmmmm… hindsight is 20/20, right?!

Kyle laughs that it was “very easy” to cut Brandi out of her life and she has no regrets about the decision. Kyle says she does not hate Brandi, she just can’t trust her! “I think Brandi has a great side to her where she can be fun, and I know she loves her boys. I just, personally, as a friend, that’s not what I consider a friend.” 

One thing Kyle is tired of is Brandi’s excuses and victim act. “I think there are a lot of people who gone through a lot worse things in their lives who don’t behave in that way or do some of the things that she’s done. A lot of women go through divorce, so, it’s how you handle it.”

Speaking of cheating, Kyle admits that she over-reacted to last season’s cheating allegations. “In hindsight I should have let it go,” she says, since she knew they were lies. “When I felt like [my marriage] was being attacked, I went into panic mode.” She said she also blamed herself for being on RHOBH that lies were being spread about Mauricio. “I felt so guilty.” 

Hilariously, Kyle also discusses the Kardashian’s influence on society and she credits them, and especially Kim, for giving her daughters confidence in their bodies and for helping to change societies perceptions of women’s bodies. Excuse me while I laugh til I puke. 

Moving on, after Kim Richards‘ dog has attacked 5 people, including Kyle’s daughter, Alexia, Kyle shares that Kim has given Kingsley up!

Kyle says that Kim re-homed Kingsley, although she won’t say where he went, just that he was “placed” somewhere. “I never asked her to do anything with the dog – I really felt bad because I know that the dog is very important to her,” Kyle told People. “I felt terrible, but she did what she felt was the right thing to do.” 


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