Lisa Vanderpump Expresses Gratitude For Receiving A Star And Uncomplicated Friendships

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Lisa Vanderpump admits she’s not diving in with both feet this season on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; no instead she’s dipping her perfectly pedicured pink toes slowly into the water and relying on friendships she trusts – like the one she shares with Lisa Rinna

Lisa and Lisa travelled to Palm Springs together, where Lisa received a star on the Walk of Fame. Calling it one of the most “poignant” moments of her life, Lisa says she was most grateful from the support she received from friends and family on that day. 

“I realize why I truly enjoyed this episode as it was one that validates my choice to have been immersed in the crazy world of reality, a documentation of some of the most important and poignant moments of my life,” Lisa espouses. “A moment when time stands still and you listen to words of appreciation and support from your loved ones, people that took the time to travel two hours and stand in 115 degree heat was something I didn’t take for granted.” 


Lisa praises the Star experience as representative of Palms Springs’ support of the Gay community as “a city where people can safely walk hand in hand, regardless of their sexual preference, and for that, I am thankful. That is a city and a world I would like to live in.” and she is proud to recognized for her contribution for their cause. 

Lisa made it clear her other “friends” weren’t welcome at the ceremony, but Lipsa made the cut. Bow down and kiss Lisa’s feet now! “This was quite early in the season, and I had barely interacted with any of the women: briefly at the white party, a couple of lunches, that was it. So the decision to invite Lisa Rinna was an obvious one.”

Lipsa “was, as always, her supportive, enthusiastic self, and I loved having her by my side. I often find that the way you feel about a friend is largely dependent on how they make you feel,” says LVP. Well Miss Rinna is a wonderfully positive person, and I needed an uncomplicated friendship at a time that was, in all honesty, a little daunting and somewhat overwhelming.” 

Touching on challenging parenting issues from the episode, Lisa explains her reticence over Max’s much-older girlfriend (no surprise – she works at SUR!). Lisa still has trouble with the relationship because she finds it unhealthy for her son.

“It was a relationship I was most certainly not familiar with and was hardly encouraging as she was thirteen years older than him and worked for me at SUR. I felt her life was in a very different place to his and did not want to encourage that,” Lisa admits. “However, she spent the weekend with us in Palm Springs this weekend and their rocky relationship, one that has been confusing to him and has continued, so time will tell, but it has come to a place where if I want to stay close to my son, I have to accept it.” 

Similarly Yolanda Foster struggled to come to terms with her daughter’s Bella’s choices – she drank only ONE glass of wine according to Yolanda’s Lyme Brain… is that admissible in court? “Seeing Yolanda struggle to come to terms with Bella’s DUI was understandable,” Lisa reflects. I felt for her as the severity of the situation really outweighs the action. It is a careless action often with dire consequences, and I know that a lesson was well learnt from that experience, but then couple it with the history of losing your father at a tender age has to be even more emotionally challenging. It tugged at my heart strings as she tried to hold it together.” 

Lisa also has nothing but love for Kim Richards‘ daughter Brooke, calling the wedding “a lovely moment” of “pride and joy” for Kim.   


[Photo Credit: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN .com]