Demetria McKinney Says Phaedra Parks Deserves Her Bad Karma!

Demetria McKinney

New girl on the block Demetria McKinney was all set to fight Kenya Moore for possession of Roger Bobb‘s cheerio-hoarding heart, but instead they ended up being friends and Demetria had major issues with Phaedra Parks!

Demetria is throwing major shade at Phaedra – and almost what sounds like slander – in a new interview. Demetria labels Phaedra “bitter” and says she got the “karma” she deserved regarding Apollo Nida and all the rumors swirling around her. 

The wannabe Real Housewives Of Atlanta star is “absolutely not” friends with Phaedra. “She is easily intimidated by everybody. I understand that life deals everybody a different deck and sometimes the hand you’re dealt isn’t necessarily fair, but turning bitter and turning on everybody around you is just not cool,” Demetria seethes.


Doesn’t Phaedra, with all the issues with Apollo, have a reason to be bitter? Apparently Demetria, whose man won’t even admit they’re dating, doesn’t think so!

Referring to Phaedra being accused of cheating with Mr. Chocolate, Demetria feels it’s well deserved. “I know that she’s upset that information is out right now. I know it’s really just adding drama to the already drama full life. I can only say that I feel like karma is a b***h and it’s slapping her in the face right now!” Mmmmm… wasn’t APOLLO cheating for years!? #JustSaying… 

Demetria is also Team Apollo, or something (Team Peter, more likely!). “For her to let him take the whole wrap, I think it’s just sad. You say so let’s not part through thick and thin and then once it gets thick with something you knew he was capable of, you go running and talking bad about him. It’s just adds to the persona.” I’m not sure what she’s even talking about, but to her credit I think Phaedra has been remarkably restrained in her commentary about Apollo. 

Moving along, Demetria insists she’s a really lovely person she just hates certain people! “I came into this with a great deal of respect for everybody and I tried to start this journey, even kilter, on a even playing field and let people show me who they were,” Demetria insists to Radar in an interview. “And what I’ve seen from Nene Leakes doesn’t necessarily make me want to go running and connect with her.”

No girl, you came into this trying to make a name for yourself by immediately trying to start drama with Kenya who didn’t take your bait because she didn’t want your man, but she did want your alliance! 

Demetria, most transparent person of the year, also dislikes Porsha Williams, whom she says was “changed” by her divorce. “I knew Porsha prior to the divorce and I actually hung out with her a bit. And after the divorce… it changes people a little. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness and I don’t think she’s found that line yet.”

As for who Demetria does like, why Kenya, Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey of course. “I really like Kenya. I feel like she’s kind of gotten the bad wrap due to some unhappy people,” Demetria accuses. “But she’s a really good person. She has a genuine heart.” Cynthia is labeled Demetria’s “babe” and she says Claudia is her homie since they’re both “tomboys.”

Demetria admits Kandi Burruss kept her distance. “Kandi’s cool. She really doesn’t say much and I respect that. She’s just is who she is. She’s comfortable, she’s happy, she’s not pressed.”

Lord, this girl has a lot to say! These Team Kenya girls need to stop and behave with some decorum! Speaking of PRESSED – all of them are so hateful, so abrasive, so bitter, so desperate, and so trying. I just can’t with all the dirty low-blows, and classless behavior from someone who is barely on this show and trying to make herself relevant. Keep trying. If this is Demetria’s mouth no wonder Roger Blobb was embarrassed to be with her – get an IQ and a clue! Sorry – I have limited patience for someone with such transparent motivations. 


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