Video – Teresa Giudice’s New Year’s Resolution Is To Eat Less Carbs In Prison!

teresa guidice and dina manzo film new years resolution video before prison

Teresa Giudice has been keeping herself busy as she counts down the days before self-surrendering for a 15 month prison stint. And part of her denial crusade is making kitschy cooking videos and News Year’s Resolution how-to’s with BFF Dina Manzo

The video produced by Haute Hostess features the Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars discussing their New Years plans and what they hope to accomplish in 2015. For Teresa… you might think that resolution includes surviving prison, or building a better life for herself while serving time, but nope – it’s to eat less carbs. Seriously. I dunno… T, beggars can’t be choosers, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be vending machine food and whatever is in the commissary! 


“Going forward I would like to stop eating bad carbs,” Teresa specified. Dina kept the denial alive and fresh as she told Teresa that was a good one and she too was going to resolve to eat less junk food. Teresa says she also wants to workout more. she started, adding that she wants to get her famous “ass” back.

Dina adds that she wants to simplify and get rid of a lot of “stuff.” Teresa, in a moment of clarity, stated she has been doing that too. “I’ve been filtering. I wanna continue doing that.” Pretty sure Danbury Prison Camp will do that for you Tre – can’t take too much stuff with you to the clink! But I also hope Teresa has been selling all her expensive crap to pay bills! 

Dina’s main resolution is to “build an ass” while Teresa, apparently plans to use her prison-time wisely to get her’s back by working out! “I used to have the best ass,” Teresa said wistfully. “Now I have to keep exercising – or I might have to put one in!” Ummm… with what money?! Pretty sure the government isn’t gonna let you skip a restitution payment for butt implants, Tre! 

Dina, forgetting who she was talking to, noted she wants to be “more spontaneous” in 2015. “If I wanna go away somewhere, I’m just gonna let everything happen,” Dina said.

Teresa, paused for a moment of awkwardness, and then encouraged her friend. “You should!” Teresa enthused to Dina. “I have four little ones so I can’t do that yet.” What Teresa didn’t note is that she has 15 months of hard-ish time, so she can’t really do that yet!

Well good for you Tre for keeping up the delusion and continuing to try and make money up until the very last moment of freedom. And in Teresa’s absence, she can pimpmomager Gia from behind bars – if Juicy will accept collect calls that is! 

Teresa’s final resolution is to “keep being around positive people, that make me happy, and keep the negative out.” Prison psychiatrist? Dina’s suggestion, “Get rid of the people that mess you up.” Teresa added, that she’s also “keeping the faith.” Well those last ones are at least realistic! 

I’ve also noticed Teresa has stopped pronouncing her name Giu-Dee-Che, and reverted to Giu-dice. 

Teresa and Dina’s video is below! 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]