Teresa Giudice Rumor RoundUp Part 2: RHONJ Delayed For A Year, Teresa Lands A Cooking Show, Tries To Postpone Prison Until Joe Goes To Rehab!

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With just about a month before Teresa Giudice self-reports to prison, nary a day goes by without a crazy, ridiculous story emerging!

However Teresa isn’t the only person suffering  – Real Housewives Of New Jersey is reportedly in peril and has no idea if they should continue the show or delay until Teresa is released. Teresa is expected to serve about 13 months of her 15 month sentence pending good behavior, which would put her release date in January 2016. 

Teresa recently told Andy Cohen she won’t return to RHONJ, and seemed to be hinting for a post-prison spinoff to coincide with the tell-all she plans to write behind bars. Reports already state that Bravo has been filming Teresa as she prepares for prison and they plan to continue filming Joe Giudice and the girls while Teresa is “away.” 


Rumor 1 – Teresa Inks A Cooking Show/Spinoff Deal With Bravo:

teresa giudice cooking spinoff with bravo?

With her Fabulicious business on hiatus until she serves time, sources say Teresa has already signed a deal with Bravo to do a cooking show upon her release! Despite reports to the contrary, Teresa and Bravo have definitely not severed their relationship. 

“They are going to stay in touch with Teresa while she is in prison by taping phone calls and if possible, they will do jailhouse interviews with her,” a source reveals to The Daily Mail. “Teresa and BRAVO have been taking this time to plan a big media event when she is released from prison.”

With Joe beginning his sentence after Teresa gets home, she plans to make lemons into lemonade and expand her cooking empire. “This has been a huge wake-up call for Teresa but she is not going to lay down and give up! Teresa is determined to make all of this up to her daughters,” says the source. “Teresa does not want her kids to suffer because of her — and Joe’s — mistakes so she has been working on her life after prison. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she starts over!” 

And part of starting over is Teresa already inking a million-dollar deal with Bravo to give exclusive interviews and a cooking show/spinoff upon her release!

In a recent interview Andy said he wants Teresa back on Bravo… and I definitely believe NBC is not going to lose touch with Teresa while she’s locked-up, the curiosity about her will be at an all-time high and at the end of the day, Teresa and the Housewives are a business investment for Bravo/NBC and they want to make money and ratings. 

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Rumor 2 – Bravo Is Completely Done With Teresa

andy cohen annoyed with teresa giudice on wwhl sit-down

Yet different rumor says Teresa is being iced out by Bravo who is disgusted by how she attempted to blame them for her troubles. 

Teresa hasn’t been offered any new projects with Bravo. In fact, there is [sic] a lot of bad feelings where Bravo and Teresa are concerned,” an insider claims to Radar. “The network feels used, and was stunned Teresa said in court documents that the show was a sham.” 

“Bravo would never sign Teresa up for her own show after everything that has gone down!” the source added. They claim someone from Teresa’s camp is leaking these rumors in the hopes that she looks desirable enough to hire since she is so broke

As said above, Andy loves to hate Teresa – we all know she’ll be back!  Plus, countless Housewives have blamed Bravo for their lives, and they’re still on the show season after season. Case in point: NeNe Leakes! Furthermore Andy had to choose a Real Housewives all-star cast, and guess who made the list? Teresa, of course! 

photo credit: bravo

Rumor 3 – RHONJ Postpones Filming Until Teresa Returns: 

melissa gorga crying over rhonj

“Bravo is very nervous to do the show without Teresa. They fear that without her, the show will not be as big of a success. They’re exploring shelving the season until 2016, when Teresa gets out of prison,” an insider shares with Radar, the same site who also said Bravo never wants to work with Teresa again! 

Bravo is apparently desperate to capture the post-prison Teresa in the fresh! “By having her fresh out of prison, there would be a clear storyline,” the insider states. “It would also pull on fans’ heartstrings to see the changed Teresa back in the limelight.”

photo credit: bravo

Rumor 4 – Teresa Has No Interest In Media:

teresa giudice prays before pleading guilty

Despite rumors that Teresa is quietly filming what will eventually segue into a spinoff, a source close to the star denies this. The source says Teresa is soley focused on spending time with her family and daughters before leaving for a year. 

“Believe it or not, Teresa really does not have an interest in being in the spotlight at the current moment,” the source insists to Radar. “If you notice, Teresa is not currently doing any media. She could be milking this, but she’s staying relatively quiet.”

I actually do believe this rumor – we haven’t heard a peep from Teresa, save for a few random tweets and Fabellini events, and you know she’s been asked by countless media outlets to give a story. As prison draws closer, we could get an exclusive out of her, but it does seem that she’s sticking close to home and focusing on what’s important right now. Maybe this is a whole new Teresa… 

credit: bravo

Rumor 5 – Teresa Will File For Divorce After Prison: 

teresa and joe giudice celebrate 15 year anniversary

The Juicy/Teresa divorce rumors will never end. The latest claim that despite everything, Teresa definitely blames Joe for their troubles and plans to divorce him when she gets home from prison to save herself and her daughters. 

Teresa is livid with Joe for putting her in this position so she is fed up and going to send him the divorce papers and tell him to sign them while he is sitting in cell— or else!,” says Hollywood Life. “She trusted Joe and that’s why they got into trouble — he was greedy and did some shady deals to live large…” Since Joe is all but certainly going to be deported, Teresa has no interest in moving her 4 daughters away from their lives and family to Italy, and is “determined” to create a life for herself as a “single mom” without Joe. 

This rumor has been around forever – Teresa isn’t divorcing Joe. Even if he is deported, she’ll probably stay married. Teresa is old-fashioned, but she also loves Joe. I mean, he’s so Juicy! 

above, Teresa & Joe celebrate their anniversary last month [credit: twitter]

Rumor 6 – Teresa Tries To Use Juicy’s Alcoholism To Delay Prison:

Teresa Guidice in Staten Island

Joe has admitted to having a drinking problem and was ordered by the judge to seek treatment at sentencing. Now a source says Teresa is trying to use Joe’s addiction issues to delay her prison sentence saying he’s incapable of caring for the kids in her absence. 

A source says Teresa is begging Joe to check into rehab so she can then ask a judge to “delay the surrender date because there wouldn’t be a parent in the house to take care of their four daughters.”

Joe is refusing, however. He says “going to rehab early and postponing Teresa’s prison sentence would only delay the inevitable, and he doesn’t seem the point in dragging this on anymore,” the source told Radar. I see Teresa’s concern – she can’t leave Juicy unattended with the containers of Fabellini!

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Rumor 7 – Teresa Is Severely Depressed; Not Eating:

teresa giudice is sad and depressed before prison

Sources say Teresa has lost 11 pounds in the last month because she is too anxious to eat. Well you know what NeNe says about the prison diet

Apparently Teresa is existing on coffee and a “few morsels” of food, along with wine! “She looks frail. Her family is worried as she continues to obsess about prison and waste away,” a concerned source relays.  

credit: bravo

Rumor 8 – Teresa Is In Denial About Going To Prison:

teresa giudice and dina manzo spend time together pre-prison

Teresa is continuing on with her ‘EVERYTHINGS FIIIIIINE!’ campaign in the weeks leading up to her self-surrender. Teresa is trying to make this the best Holiday season ever as she decorates the house with “every trimming imaginable” and cooks lavish family dinners. 

Teresa “is going about life with as much normalcy as possible,” a source reveals to People. “You would never know she is going to prison from the way she is acting. She has been out shopping, going out with friends, but is spending most of her time with her kids and her family. She is enjoying her life before she goes in. She’s not depressed at all.” 

The source reveals that Teresa’s primary priority is making sure her daughters have one last normal Christmas with both parents at home. “She cares about her daughters more than anything else in the world. It’s put her in a difficult position, so she is just doing the best that she can and enjoying these moments with them,” a friend of Teresa’s tells the magazine. “Her life is her kids and maintaining a happy home.”

However, Teresa does have one other serious concern besides her daughters – her father. “She’s praying for her children, for her family and for her father. Teresa’s father is very ill. Her biggest fear is that he passes while she is in jail.” Teresa has begged her brother Poison to take care of their parents while she’s gone and check in on them weekly. Teresa isn’t relying on her brother or Melissa Gorga for anything else.

Our source told us Teresa will not spend the holidays with Joe and Melissa, nor is she making them a priority before she heads to Danbury Correctional Institute, instead Juicy’s mother and sisters will help care for her daughters while she is gone and she is spending her last weeks with her parents, the Giudices, and close friends like Dina Manzo

above, Teresa and Dina spent time together last week. [credit: instagram]

I wonder if for next year’s Christmas card Teresa will do his & hers mugshots. “Merry Christmas From The Giudices:  This year I went to prison. I had to use real soap on my hairs – no Milania Hair Care in there! And they made me work hard at stuff, and there was no glitter or sparkle, and all the sinks were made of concrete. And I had to eat canned spaghetti sauce – no good ingredientzes. And I learned lots – I’m changed now. I shop at Target. Now I’m home and Bravo missed me soooooo much! Like Andy visited me all the times! And Gia was doing my twitter. And Milania learned to make pizzas out of gummy worms, Cheetos, and Juicy’s toe jam. And now Joew is “away” youse don’t need to know where. And Melissa, no one cares about her anymore, I’m on the cover of People and Oprah tawked to me! Melissa who? Not on display, that’s who! Anyway, everything’s fiiiiiine! Love, Tre!” 


[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]