Is Gia Getting Her Own Reality Show As Teresa Giudice Attempts To Turn Her Family Into The Next Kardashians?

teresa giudice and family 2014

Teresa Giudice has less than a week before she heads off to prison, and she is wasting no time getting her family into the limelight in her absence! Rumor has it Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia, already a budding popstar, is all set to film her own reality show! But Teresa has even bigger dreams for her family as she aims to turn their scandal into success, ala the Kardashians! Oh heavens… 

A source says Gia’s show has been filming for “two months” and will focus on her burgeoning singing career. “It will be all about her group, 3KT. So far, the footage is really fun. Once the pilot is completed, they’ll start shopping it to the networks.”

Gia’s show will hardly feature her Real Housewives Of New Jersey star mom, because Teresa will be incarcerated, of course, but Teresa will make appearances supporting her daughter. “All the girls’ families are in it here and there. But it’s not a show about the grownups; it’s all about the girls. Everyone’s very excited about it,” the source clarifies. 


According to E! News, Teresa is “thrilled” for daughter, but relieved to not be the focus. “Teresa’s thrilled but is keeping her distance. She’s really not interested in being in the spotlight right now. She wants the focus to be on Gia.” 3KT recently did a holiday performance that was attended by the Giudice family, including Juicy’s brother, and they’ll presumably appear on the new reality show! How special. 

Hmmm…well, I wouldn’t necessarily put stock in the idea that Gia is filming a reality show, BUT… Brandi Glanville recently leaked Teresa is filming in preparation for her departure to prison and there have been rumors that Bravo will be doing a spinoff with the Giudice family in Teresa’s absence. Gia is the perfect vehicle for that – she’s not as polarizing as Felon Joe – and it’d be a great way to keep Teresa’s family in the spotlight as a natural segue for Bravo to follow-up with Teresa as she is released. Which we all know is the plan whether we like it or not! 

And apparently Teresa has other big plans post-release to make lemons into lemonade ala Kris Jenner turning Kim’s sex tape in to a multi-million dollar family industry! And Gia’s show is the start of all that’s next to come. 

Teresa would love to turn the Giudice family into a brand name like other reality stars. She said that when she gets out of prison her goal is to turn her family into the next Kardashians,” reports Hollywood Life.

“She would love the girls to all have their own spinoffs. She really believes that Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana have star potential,” the source says. “Teresa says her daughters actually have talent!”

Reportedly Teresa believes, post-prison, she can command big ratings as people will be even more interested in her life following tragedy. Gotta say – I agree with her here. And Teresa is also positive networks will be fighting to get their hands on Gia’s upcoming show, for which they are now readying a pilot. 

Teresa thinks the show would get great ratings. She’s really confident once the networks see some of the footage there will be a bidding war for the rights,” the insider says. “She’s praying that the show gets picked up and is a huge success by the time she gets out of prison.” Considering what a flop their Kickstarter was, I doubt it! 

Well, errrrr… good for Teresa for having goals? Other sources have stated Teresa is laying low before prison focusing on her family and home, but in the last couple weeks she’s been out and about quite a bit. She saw NeNe’s broadway play.

And Teresa was spotted skiing (and filming?) with former RHONJ co-stars Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano recently. Additionally, she and Dina Manzo have been working on a lifestyle show that has already released cooking segments of Teresa making recipes from her various cookbooks. As she has admitted her Fabulicious brand is currently dead until she deals with prison, Teresa is apparently doing what she can to move her brand in a different direction away from RHONJ. 


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