Celebrity Apprentice

Tonight is the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, thus dubbing Sundays Krayonce Day! (Sorry Downton). Donald Trump, who already called Kenya Moore “evil”, dished that this season’s cast is vicious and will shock audiences with their bad behavior. So just to get this straight: the behavior is worse than The Donald’s hair. 

Donald says of all the seasons, season 14 “is the one where they have hated each other the most.” The cast which includes, Brandi Glanville and Kenya, butted heads constantly. “It’s a level of hatred I’ve never seen.”


Kenya Moore, Vivica Fox and Brandi Glanville. Those three. The women are more vicious,” Donald candidly revealed. “There was almost a fistfight with Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore.” Uhhhh… and we thought Kenya and BRANDI were bad! Yikes. 

It wasn’t just those ladies who couldn’t behave – Donald revealed that Kate Gosselin was a nightmare (no surprise there) and some of the men also took the drama to the next level. “Geraldo Rivera is very challenging. And Gilbert Gottfried because everything is a joke.” 

Of course, Donald agrees the drama is good for the show – and the celebrity – and they do cast with propensity for insanity in mind. “It is good for their brand. Even people who have done poorly, it is good for their brand. Someone comes in and sits where you are [a red velvet chair opposite him]. We pick stars based on their life. I don’t see everybody. I wouldn’t have the time because I run a big business,” he tells Channel Guide Magazine. 

Of course, even if it is good for a celebrity’s brand, that doesn’t mean they like the results and they often argue about what gets included in the show. Like no eating on camera? “We have had cases where they said wrong things or bad things. People beg us to leave that out. Listen, I am not looking to kill anyone,” Donald insists. 

While The Donald is just looking to make money and good TV, he may have over-shot the mark this season. We all know Brandi and Kenya are going to cause major problems – they’ve taken their feud to the media and everywhere else – and it seems Brandi will team up with Vivica to take-on Kenya. Despite the drama, Brandi called Donald “very kind.” 

“Housewives is a cakewalk compared to this!” Brandi admitted to Us Weekly, print edition. “I’d rather get divorced 10 times than do this again. I’ve never been so stressed in my life!” Citing the 18-hour work days and being away from her children, Brandi complains about being “physically and emotionally exhausted” by the demands of the show. 

It wasn’t all bad however – she did make some friends (and some enemies! and lots of publicity!) “Vivica and I formed a really close bond. We still talk and hangout.” Brandi also cited Leeza Gibbons as a pal from the show. As for people she did not like, Brandi insists it’s not her fault they didn’t get along! “I usually get along with people, unless they’re crazy and lazy,” the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star claims. “Then I have to call bulls–t.” 

And who did she have to call BS on? You will not be surprised by the answer. “It was very challenging working with Kate Gosselin,” Brandi states. “Kenya Moore and I have had bad blood in the past. She wanted to take me down.” Well, yeah – probably. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting so don’t miss it! And Kenya, she’ll be on RHOA, CA, and then WWHL tonight so whole lotta Krayonce goin’ on! 


[Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC]