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Top Real Housewives Comebacks That Hit Below The Belt

For the most part, ignorance is bliss and not knowing someone despises you can be beneficial. Polite society tells us to keep our mouths shut if we can’t say anything nice, but polite society is definitely not reality television. The ladies featured on the Real Housewives franchise do their very best to present as sweet women of high society, but some of these sweet women have a vicious streak.

Most of the time we see true colors come out during a reunion or alcohol-filled dinner. For some reason, the most savage character traits come out when a cast is on a luxurious vacation. Whether it is home base or a faraway land, there’s not a lot that will stop an argument that’s been brewing since the previous episode. Despite someone’s best effort to remain composed, there’s always a chance one of the stars will snap, and snapping inevitably leads to venom. While no one wakes up intending to hit below the belt, it’s difficult to sweetly ask an oncoming train to slow down. Let’s take a look at some of the hardest-hitting clap backs that perhaps went a little too far.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Kenya Moore And Marlo Hampton

During Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season 9, Marlo Hampton took her usual snark and leveled up to meet the final boss. Unfortunately, the final boss wound up being the fans she angered by hitting Kenya Moore below the belt. During Season 6 of RHOA, all appeared to be well between Marlo and Kenya. Two polarizing figures joining forces could create quite an impact on such a… heavily opinionated cast. NeNe Leakes wasn’t too fond of their friendship because she couldn’t tolerate moving down a notch. Marlo knew who the popular kid in the group was and never stopped trying to edge her way back into NeNe’s heart. When they finally resolved their differences, this put a rift between Marlo and Kenya’s relationship. NeNe didn’t like Kenya, therefore Marlo could not like Kenya.

Basically, after Season 6 Marlo and Kenya did nothing more than endlessly irritate each other. During a camping trip, Kenya once again found herself on the receiving end of Marlo’s running mouth. Marlo decided to take a very sensitive and tender subject and throw it in Kenya’s face. She called Kenya evil and concluded that was the reason Kenya’s mother disowned her as a child. Kenya was highly and rightfully offended and her co-stars called Marlo out. It wasn’t one of Marlo’s finest moments, but she did eventually share she regretted attacking Kenya in that manner.

Real Housewives Of New York / Dorinda Medley And Tinsley Mortimer

I hope Tinsley Mortimer is doing great. I also hope Dorinda Medley is doing great. Chances are very good they’re both fine, but the two weren’t exactly copacetic on Real Housewives of New York. For the most part Dorinda was your average American wealthy lady of leisure. But when Dorinda drank, she basically became another person. It’s fair to say Dorinda drank a lot.

Tinsley wasn’t on RHONY for long. She had visions of wedding bells and babies dancing in her head. But hadn’t made a lot of progress with either. Tinsley desperately wanted a husband and family but her life had taken certain detours stalling her fairytale ending. In an effort to be proactive, like many women Tinsley took measures to hopefully ensure she would one day be a mom.

Her love life struggled and for whatever reason, Dorinda wasn’t very kind to Tinsley during vulnerable occasions. At one point Dorinda took it too far, and it might have been an extra nail in her Bravo contract coffin. During one of her final RHONY on-camera moments, Tinsley shared she was leaving the show to hopefully find everlasting love (she didn’t). Dorinda was definitely not interested in Tinsley’s quest for marriage, but she did slam her desire for children. Dorinda said, “I don’t want to talk about it. I really want to make it disappear. Just don’t bring life to it.” Then she added, “I’ve got a turkey baster. Maybe try and have a baby.” Tinsley made her exit and after that comment, Dorinda wasn’t far behind.

Real Housewives Of Orange County / Shannon Storms Beador And Kelly Dodd

I truly feel for Shannon Beador. I know she’s moderately insufferable, but no one deserves what Shannon has experienced. This woman has been through the wringer on Real Housewives of Orange County. After years of trying to repair her self-worth, Shannon thought the warmth of true love had finally called her number. Unfortunately, it was ripped away at the end of 2022. Before John Janssen, there was David Beador. Chip-eating and cheating, David’s infidelity almost ruined Shannon’s life. To be blunt, she was miserable to watch due to the inherently sad subject matter. It was equally disturbing to see Shannon and David’s daughters witnessing the demise of their parents’ marriage. Shannon was raw, open, exposed, and clearly hurting.

Enter Kelly Dodd who could smell blood in the water like a great white shark and bite when you least expect it. During one of Shannon’s special parties with a 1970s theme, things went from wonderful to what-in-the-world when Kelly and Shannon started a back-and-forth war of words. The embarrassing scene culminated in Kelly going full lowbrow and commenting on Shannon’s shaky marriage that was currently under construction. Normally checking a cheating husband isn’t considered below the belt, but due to Shannon’s struggles, it knocked the wind out of her. Kelly’s blow was aimed at David. She loudly said, “No wonder why you’ve cheated on your wife.” Shannon was horrified and humiliated once again and Kelly was left to use her mouth as a weapon until she was fired in Season 15.

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Real Housewives Of Potomac / Candiace Dillard Bassett And Ashley Darby

Real Housewives of Potomac is heavy with star potential. Grand Dame Karen Huger presides over the ladies even though they don’t take her too seriously. Candiace Dillard Bassett has some of the best lines you will ever hear. If you are involved in an argument, you’re gonna want Candy on your side. She clashes with many, but consistently butts heads with co-star Ashley Darby. Candiace will violate every single one of your senses, but sometimes she takes it too far. In my opinion, reads are clever due to the quality of information being used at the time, but it doesn’t take a genius to make fun of someone’s looks. That’s when you know you’ve lost and in one particular instance, Candiace failed to score a point against Ashley.

During birthday festivities for Robyn Dixon, Candiace found yet another opportunity to share her feelings with Ashley. Candiace wasn’t pleased Ashely instigated a disagreement between Wendy Osefo and Gizelle Bryant on a previous girls’ trip. Ashley had just given birth and was grabbing pre-made breastmilk so she could peace out after sparking the intense convo. Candiace approached her when Ashley arrived at a brunch and left no mercy. Candiace said, “You brought your widebody as down to Williamsburg to spread lies and bullsh*t and then you took off with your breastmilk.” Ashley attempted to clock her on the body shaming, but it only proved to egg Candiace on. She actually said Ashley body-shamed herself just by walking into the room. She also told Ashley she has a “big as* face” along with a “big as* forehead.” I enjoy Candiace a great deal, but body shaming is not the way.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills / Brandi Glanville And Adrienne Maloof

What Brandi Glanville did to Adrienne Maloof when they both starred on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is one for the history books. Brandi actually took private information and shared it with the cast of RHOBH during a dinner. It was so personal, Bravo went through the trouble of bleeping out Brandi’s words until the information was fully public. It’s sad when a network known for promoting bad behavior now has to cover the bad behavior.

During a filmed dinner, Brandi blurted out to the masses that Adrienne had chosen surrogacy to have her twins after a complicated first pregnancy. Adrienne and Paul Nassif had been previously advised by a child therapist not to reveal the assistance until their kids were mature enough to process the information. But Brandi’s big mouth took care of that for the Maloof/Nassif family.

Brandi was sent a cease and desist via Paul’s attorneys and it sparked an enormous feud. Sides were taken and to the viewers’ surprise, Brandi persevered. Due to legal reasons, Bravo was even forced to cut scenes from the final edit of the show. In a franchise whose motto appears to be, “leave the children out of it,” Brandi dropped the ball and received little reprimanding for her efforts. Paul and Adrienne divorced shortly after the drama died down. Brandi’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but she’s definitely not filming anything for Bravo.


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