Lisa Rinna joins RHOBH

Words cannot express how much I love Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davdison on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. RHOBH has always been my favorite – and apparently I am not alone – but I look forward to the show each week now more than ever. If only someone would take out the trash. Le sigh. Speaking of Brandi GlanvilleLisa commented on the lunatic in her blog. 

“Let’s start with Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump’s lunch, so we can get that out of the way and attempt to move forward,” blogged Lisa. “Since I’m not entirely familiar with the back story, there really isn’t too much for me to comment on with this. Both Brandi and Lisa have apologized to one another, and Lisa made it very clear that she can’t be the friend Brandi wants her to be.” 


Next week, Kyle Richards takes Alexia to college, and there will be tears and ugly cry faces aplenty. Lisa empathizes with Kyle.

“I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love watching Kyle with her girls,” shared Lisa. “Their dynamic is so reminiscent of the relationship I have with my own girls and to see both Kyle and Alexia so emotional over Alexia leaving for college was a real tug at my heartstrings. I will be in her shoes in just two short years when Delilah goes off to college, and all I can do is trust that I have given my girls the tools they need to make good, strong choices in life. Have to have blind faith indeed!”

Back to the lunacy, Lisa complimented Eileen on how she handled wine being thrown in her face, and she repeated that she would have pulled a Porsha had Brandi pulled that stunt on her.

“I was really looking forward to dinner with Yolanda [Foster], Eileen, and Brandi, and it was lovely! The restaurant, the view, the conversation, basically everything leading up to Brandi throwing her wine in Eileen’s face,” said Lisa. “Let me tell you, that moment goes down as one of the most bizarre moments I have ever been a part of. It was shocking and unprovoked. Eileen handled the affront with such class and grace. Bravo to you, Eileen, you are a rockstar! Like I mentioned, had it happened to me, I probably would have ended the night in the backseat of a cop car!”

On how cultured adults spend an evening, Lisa gushed, “How about that lovely dinner party at Yolanda and David’s beautiful home? It’s always so magical to hear David play the piano and then to spend time with Babyface was just perfection. I think of both David and Babyface as our national treasures, and that was only solidified when Babyface said, ‘It’s not about the size, it’s about the love’ when referring to the ring his beautiful wife wears.”

“I think I’m going to just breeze right over some of the specific comments you heard during the night,” Lisa said about Brandi‘s disgusting, desperate grabs for attention. “I’m quite certain that they speak for themselves. It’s actually rather interesting to me how some of the stuff that comes out of Brandi’s mouth can be so surprising and shocking. As we all know, I, too, am capable of not having a filter and sometimes regretting some of the trashy things I’ve said. It definitely takes one to know one!”

About my favorite part of the entire episode, Lisa shared, “I love Lisa V. She cracks me up. So, who better to convince me to walk into Yolanda’s insanely gorgeous refrigerator than Lisa? If I’m being real here, the second Lisa said it would preserve me, I couldn’t get myself into Yolanda’s fridge fast enough!” My second favorite part: “Well if that’s not white trash, I don’t know what is.” ~ Lisa


Photo Credit: Michael Larsen/Bravo

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