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Claudia Jordan‘s toes may be allowed to disrespect her but nobody else is – and that includes NeNe Leakes! The veteran and the newbie faced off in an epic (and vitriolic) war of words which has only escalated in the media and on twitter. 

Claudia says she has no interest in allowing NeNe to bully her and she is saddened that the original Real Housewives Of Atlanta star isn’t using her platform to set a better example! 

“It’s sad because NeNe has a huge following… and when she makes comments that I am a whore without any kind of proof, or just saying it to be mean, it can be really damaging. Woman have got to stop doing that to each other,” Claudia seethed. “There’s a lot of things I know about a lot of people, but I’m not just gonna go there. I am not going to sit there and be bullied! I am not going to let people do that to me.”


Claudia assures us that she and NeNe will continue to butt heads and the drama will increase! “The argument between NeNe and I is far from over,” Claudia tells Hollywood Life’s podcast, adding that on tonight’s episode NeNe will attempt to apologize but it doesn’t turn out the way anyone anticipated. NeNe’s “an attacker,” explains Claudia. “But then it’s always like she’s a victim and you guys are coming for me…”

Claudia refuses to apologize for anything she said in her argument with NeNe – which she maintains was started by THE original Atlanta Housewife –  and Claudia is glad she stood up for herself. She also tells us that her verbal lashing of NeNe was much more punitive than what Bravo aired. Yikes! 

NeNe really got nasty with the name calling,” recalls Claudia, saying the exchange went on for more than 30 minutes and she “expected” NeNe to come at her at some point during the season. “It was kind of ridiculous on her part. I didn’t resort to what she did, I just had smart, funny comebacks. They edited it to look more even but in real life it was annihilation.” 

“I thought everybody was angry at me for ruining the dinner,” admits Claudia. “But they were like ‘that was the best, nobody has ever spoken to NeNe like that!’” Claudia says she won the argument wit her epic read, leaving NeNe in need of some Hooked On Phonics courses. 

As for tonight’s episode, Claudia hints, “NeNe never apologizes to anyone, you’re going to have to look at the next episode, you will see some interesting things.” Well I cannot wait! And I would also love to see the unedited footage from that showdown. 

Tonight the ladies remain in Puerto Rico to continue their bickering on the beach. With the two sides fiercely divided, things are awkward as some people are truly hurt by the words that were exchanged. Kandi decides to host a beach party to bring the ladies together again but the drama continues before Demetria’s concert – and Claudia resorts to revealing a shocking secret about Porsha

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting tonight’s episode, so make sure to join us! 


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