Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan did not hold back in her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog – and I loved every word of it. Anyone who attempts to check NeNe’s ego is a friend of mine. For life.

Claudia pointed out (it was obvious to me) that she, Kenya Moore, Demetria McKinney, and Cynthia Bailey were enjoying each other’s company before NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams, and Phaedra Parks (who she dubbed team petty) came to dinner.

“When the other ladies arrived, the shade was thick. Half of them didn’t speak and the cattiness was on FLEEK. You know when folks are trying to fake act like they are not bothered? Well there was a lot of that going on,” said Claudia. “It was corny as hell to me. Come say hello, sit down, and order a damn drink! Let’s have this meal, show a little respect to our host, and let’s get through this thing.” HAHA! What a newbie! That’s not how the Real Housewives do it!


Claudia felt that Phaedra‘s bitchiness towards Demetria made absolutely no sense. “We are all (for the most part) a very intelligent group of women, so we all know what shade is and isn’t, and Phaedra just seemed to have it out for Demetria. All Demetria wanted to do was address the shade, squash it, move on, but Phaedra was rude.”

Claudia continued, “Then the peanut gallery of NeNe and Porsha didn’t make things better high fiving each other, having side bar conversations that were not quiet, being disrespectful with little jabs towards Demetria, and a bunch of other very childish and passive aggressive behavior,”  I was shocked! It wasn’t my argument, but I was still appalled. These are for the most part middle aged women acting like high school mean girls. At one point I interjected, ‘Do you guys want to resolve this or not?’ And then all hell broke loose!”

About the drama, Claudia insisted, “I didn’t attack nor come for NeNe. But she certainly saw an in to start a fight with me by insulting me with, ‘Oh you have a brain?’ Rude, rude, rude. All I was trying to do was get us back on track to squash it, not inflame it. But perhaps Miss Rich Bitch was feeling some type of way that the attention wasn’t on her, but instead was on the newbie Demetria and her new BFF (whom she didn’t remember going to school with) Phaedra Parks. Wow… so much can happen in a year. Yay for new bestie!”

NeNe Leakes

Claudia added, “OK, what transpired after that comment was what many call a “read,” but for me it was just responding to a mean, rude, obnoxious bully that has for too long run rampant with that mouth and childish, ignorant behavior that needed to be checked. That ego is as big as those veneers, and quite frankly I was over it! I had tried to be cordial with this woman already, and the last time we saw each other we were OK (not besties, but dammit I thought there was no beef). But this clearly is par for the course for Linnethia or however you spell her damn name! Bipolar! Pick a personality and stick with it so we all know how to deal or not deal with you.”

Claudia addressed NeNe‘s comment about lady bit but not the fact that NeNe called her a half breed. #CensorshipByBravo #ConspiracyTheory “I am glad I kept my cool and remained a lady (for the most part) during the argument. I never raised my voice or concerned myself with my adversaries clit or p-ssy. That made me uncomfortable, because just a week ago you had only fessed up to meeting me once — NOW you know my fico score, credit report, sexual history, and status of my clit. To say this was ODD is a complete understatement. You can’t have it both ways, NayNay. I’m glad I stood up for myself and against the rudeness that was directed towards Demetria. Seems some of these ladies could use an etiquette class. Cynthia, hook them up at The Bailey Agency please, and send me the bill for three!”

“I didn’t go off on NeNe. I simply handled her in the manner that she deserved and was damn near begging me to. That is with authority, precision, and truth – and I am glad to do it again the next time she behaves like an animal! Grow up, Broadway star! This is not the way a happy, successful, established, and UNBOTHERED lady acts. #GirlBye,” concluded Claudia.

Claudia also wrote 439 words about her feet if you care to read them. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Bravo