Celebrity Apprentice Ratings High Means An Expanded Season; Kenya Moore Calls The Show “Cut-Throat”

Celebrity Apprentice

The so-called most insane season of Celebrity Apprentice ever is kicking butt in the ratings department and as a result NBC has decided to add two more episodes to this season! I credit Geraldo Rivera with our stroke of luck!

The added bonus? The additional episode will be LIVE! 

Donald Trump boasted about the news on twitter. 

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TWO. HOURS. LIVE. Do I have the patience (or vodka) for this? Yes, but of course. Geraldo 4 Eva! 

Donald credits a change in format and a savvy casting decision for the show’s sudden ratings spike. “I think one of the reasons it’s doing so well is we have the 1-hour shows, which are really better than the two hours, which are so long,” he told The Today show. “And, I think the cast has been fantastic.”

Speaking of that cast, they themselves, naturally think they are fantastic! But they admit the show is difficult to live-through. “Celebrity Apprentice is much more draining and grueling. It’s a hard show to do,” admitted resident villain Kenya Moore. “It’s very rigorous…and very cut-throat.”

Still Kenya defends her behavior on the show as all for charity. “We’re there for a cause that’s bigger than our ego.” You are? Well Geraldo is NOT! Geraldo, btw, says he is not bothered by being depicted as an egomaniacal bitch on the show. “I have broad shoulders. I’ve been around a long time,” he sniffs. “If that’s the way they want to portray me, go ahead.”

“People will work against you. It’s just the nature of the beast,” Geraldo continues, but says the show may have soured his opinion of reality TV. “I don’t know if I’d do another reality show after this.”

Agreeing that the show gets venomous, Kenya compares it to competing in the Miss USA pageant. “A lot of the girls were mean to me,” she consents. 

Kenya also chimed in on the recently fired Shawn Johnson and talks about the competitive spirit needed to dominate on the show. “She was a nice girl. She was feisty off-camera, but very nice,” Kenya allows, but doesn’t think Shawn was prepared for what the show entailed – and that means knowing ahead of time how to work your corporate sponsors, big donors, and getting money on time for fundraising challenges

“The money had to be in certified funds. So if you were going to get someone to contribute, they had to do it in two days, they had to have certified funds and they had to overnight it,” Kenya revealed to the Sioux City Journal. “The people who really know the show, stacked up their money ahead of time, so it wasn’t stressful for them. They were the smart ones.”

Kenya does not mention her main adversary Brandi Glanville, but she admits she’s aiming her sights at another big network reality show: Dancing With The Stars – and naturally she believes she’ll dominate there as well! 

“I’m an amazing dancer. I was trained from the age of 6,” Kenya states. “I would absolutely do it and, yes, I would want to win. In everything I do, I play to win.”  I don’t think twerking counts as being a trained dancer… Or twirling. 

Well tonight Celebrity Apprentice returns and the cast is promising it’s the craziest episode to date! The teams are tasked to throw a booze cruise and things get wildly out-of-control! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us! 


[Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC]