LuAnn de Lesseps and Lance Bass were Andy Cohen’s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight.  The three of them dished on everything from tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode to the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York.

Andy started off reading a few Tweets that the Beverly Hills cast wrote tonight during the episode, including Brandi Glanville’s hostile huffing off because of the editing of the show.  She wrote, “I’m getting off Twitter for tonight! You only see what they show that’s it ! Bye Felicia.”  

Andy took a moment to set the Beverly Hills Housewives straight.  (pun intended)  He is fed up with them calling their gay friends “my gays” and “the gays.”  He showed a montage of Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards using the phrases over and over.  Andy says “It’s now time for me, as resident boss gay to impart some wisdom to the Housewives, who I love.  Even though some of your friends might be gay, which is great, they are not “yours” and you do not own them! We are not cattle, we are not purses and the next time you feel like saying “my gays,” replace it with “my blacks” and see how that turns out.” 

Lance then tells Kyle Richards that next she has a gay party, to please call him so he can help.  “it was like they had leashes on them, they’re just prancing around their “gays.”  Straight women do not know how to set up gay men.” 

Andy plays a montage of some of the nastiest things that Brandi and Kyle said to each other on tonight’s episode.  When they get to the clip of Brandi making the dig about Kyle’s marriage, LuAnn says “wow, that’s one class act.”  

He then shows LuAnn some clips from tonight’s party and has her tell us if it was proper party etiquette or not. 

On Brandi showing up uninvited to the party: “I would never go.  Obviously you would never go to a party you’re not invited to by the hostess.  I would be embarrassed. “

On Kyle greeting Brandi with a cheek kiss: “very gracious because once they’re there, you can only accept them otherwise you look bad.” 

On Brandi’s threat to knock Kyle’s teeth out: “that was the class act thing I said before.”

On Kyle yelling “eff you” to Kim in the middle of the party. “You have to be in the middle of a ballroom to say that.  It has to be extravagant and it can only be the two of you.” 

A caller asks what it’s like having Bethenny Frankel back in the mix on RHONY.  “It’s like old times.  It’s like the good old days!  You’ll be surprised, she gets along with people you wouldn’t expect her to get along with and hates people that you wouldn’t expect.  It’s exciting to watch her work it with all the girls and we talk a lot about the old days, too.  So I think you’re going to see some of the moments from the old days, I hope. ” 

A Twitter fan asks if Lu talks to Alex McCord or Jill Zarin.  She says no on Alex, that they aren’t friends but she did hear about the move to Australia.  And Jill emailed her yesterday and they’re trying to get together but Luann has been busy with the new season. 

Lisa Rinna heard Andy’s on-air read loud and clear and Tweeted in “@Andy I’ve been read. I hear you Big Daddy.” 


Photo Credit: Twitter