Kenya Moore Takes Credit For Ratings, Bashes Vivica; Attends Celebrity Apprentice Event with Brandi Glanville, More – Photos

'The Celebrity Apprentice' red carpet

Since Brandi Glanville, Ian Ziering, Kenya Moore and Johnny Damon were in NYC to do interviews on the Today show yesterday morning, Donald Trump threw them a “bloodbath” Celebrity Apprentice party at Trump Tower last night.  Is it weird to throw a party for the four people you kicked to the curb? Especially when two of the fired contestants can hardly stand to be in the same room?

At the event last night Kenya spoke to E! news about the showdown with Vivica A. Fox, “If you know Vivica, you know that’s who she really is. I think she’s proud of it, so it’s not like I’m saying something that isn’t the truth. She really prides herself on being ghetto. You heard her say she’s ghetto fabulous. I think in her generation, it was cool to say those types of things or brag about somebody being physically attacked like they deserved it, it’s embarrassing behavior.”  She hopes young viewers of the show know that’s not the way to behave.  She also says what we saw on TV was mild and tame.  Kenya says “I was just afraid she was going to try to fight someone. I’ve seen her blow up at Kate, just seen her display some really intensive anger.” 


On the phone accusations she says she didn’t need any tricks, she was a strong player and it didn’t play into her winning or losing. She then jokes that she needs to be working for a different company if she can supposedly break people’s phone passcodes.  “With all the cameras on us all the time, it’s just not plausible.  Like she lost the phone.”

Kenya also bashed her female co-contestants for the things they did and said in the boardroom.  She says she got along with all of the men on the show, but the women not so much.   “Certain behavior doesn’t belong in the boardroom.  Crying in the boardroom, bringing up personal issues like someone being on someone’s period.  I think those things don’t belong in the boardroom.  Name calling, calling women out on their names and I’m happy to say I didn’t do any of those things.” 

She takes some credit for the high ratings on Apprentice and Real Housewives of Atlanta.  “the ratings are higher than ever, same with Housewives of Atlanta.  The common denominator is me.” 

The interviewer then asks her about Brandi stating (in an interview coming up) that Kenya wanted to be seated away from her during their Today interviews yesterday, but Kenya says that’s totally untrue. 

Since Brandi was in NYC to give her interview on the Today show this morning, I wondered if she would stop by the clubhouse and chat with Andy on Watch What Happens Live last night since it was “RHOBH airing night”.  But this Trump party must’ve been either required per her Celebrity Apprentice contract or she’s still irked at Andy about being “bullied” by guests on his show. 



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