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Lisa Vanderpump is no stranger to drama on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills but after being the recipient of all the mayhem last season, she is happy to return to her role as witty commentator on all things Housewives! Most of the times… 

Admitting that last season was “horrible,” Lisa says it is difficult to understand main perpetrator Brandi Glanville‘s motives – and she definitely hasn’t forgotten the misdeeds (no matter what Kyle Richards wants to pretend!). “They threw everything at me last year, the other women,” Lisa reflects. “It was nasty and it was mean-spirited.” 

Lisa confesses to remaining confused about Brandi’s behavior – and her troubling relationship with Kim Richards. “I don’t have any understanding of her [Brandi] motives in any situation ever,” quips Ms. Vanderpump.


“I thought the only way for me to really sustain any kind of relationship was to give [Brandi] the kind of credibility she deserves, which is little to nothing.” Little too nothing is generous in the credibility department, but Lisa always has been a kind soul! 

Lisa says she’s reached out to Kim recently to make sure she’s doing OK as the tumultuous season is airing. Perhaps keeping a safe distance is the best way to have a relationship with Rambles. “We’re not that close, we work together and we’re friendly,” Lisa explains to People.

“I did text her and said, ‘It must be very difficult to see this play out on television.’ I think that must be. I am not somebody that wants people to fail,” Lisa shares. Kyle recently said in an interview that since the incidents of this season and Kim’s confounding friendship with Brandi, coupled with the incident of Kinglsey biting her daughter, her relationship with Kim has never been the same. 

Brandi, who has been taking major flak for her egregious behavior this season, lashed back at Lisa over her comments on Twitter! Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.32.45 PM

In the above photo Lisa wears a cape to die for. I hope she’ll be donating that to to me in her next closet clean-out. I am in need, and very poor (especially compared to Lisa!).

And below are photos of Lisa at Mardi Gras as the Celebrity Monarch in 2015 Krewe of Orpheus Parade. Lisa also shared that during this season of RHOBH she officiates a gay wedding!

Tonight is a brand new episode of RHOBH! Eileen Davidson organizes a table read of husband Vince’s movie script, but Kim and Kyle confuse it for another session of family therapy. And Lisa Rinna tries to discuss her concerns with Kim over her recent behavior. Brandi decides to try a 21-day alcohol cleanse but attending LVP’s surprise birthday party has her falling off the wagon almost immediately! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting so make sure to join us! 


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