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I enjoy Lisa Vanderpump‘s blog as much as I enjoy her presence on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Every week I find myself nodding my head in agreement from beginning to end. This week was no different. Lisa shared her thoughts on the mixer drama between Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville and the uncomfortable conversation between Yolanda Foster and Brandi (the “negativity” common denominator).

About the moments immediately after Brandi left the mixer, Lisa shared, “Kyle was extremely agitated, upset, and reacting to the volatility and giving unnecessary credence to the spiteful remark made about Mauricio. I have told her and chastised her to stop even investing in the jabs Brandi takes at her marriage. They are as irrelevant as she is at this point.” (So true!) “I ignore Kyle‘s nonsensical retort towards me, when I state that I understood, as I had been a recipient of her negativity myself.”


“Their relationship is in free fall, spiraling out of control. Had I warned her? No, I was resolute in my attitude that after the fiasco that played out last year, I would not,” added Lisa. “Let us all learn by our own mistakes, and also I would not want to be accused of being the puppet master and pulling strings. I, in retrospect, would relish the chance to be master puppeteer and sort this mess out, to pull the strings and tamper with this complicated scenario.”

Moving on to her conversation with Pandora about Max‘s desire to learn about his heritage, Lisa admitted, “Not for one moment did I anticipate Pandora’s reaction or her emotion as she struggled to regroup, thrown by the words I had just uttered.”

Pandora and Max are as close as any siblings could be, regardless of their genetics,” Lisa continued. “I think that was starkly evident as she lost her composure, embarrassed by the circumstance of her surroundings and fearing that maybe the threat of another family coming into Max’s life would supersede the love he had for us. I was insensitive to be so naive, thinking she would be logical and understand his thirst for knowledge of his past, because as many of us know, when matters of the heart are concerned, logic takes a back seat.”

Lisa mentioned Max‘s anxiety when he faced the results, wondering, “Will this information suffice? I hope so, or is it a segue to another situation he would like to explore? We will see, but I am there every step of the way.”

Speaking of a loss of logic – Brandi‘s still here. Le sigh. “Viewing Brandi and Yolanda at yoga was an interesting spectacle,” quipped Lisa.

Lisa, like most viewers, was shocked (Only, not really. Because, Brandi.) when Brandi deflected and threw Bella‘s DUI in Yolanda‘s face. “The most shocking statement of all was the analogy that Bella, little 17-year-old Bella, whom I have known for many years and had recently made an unfortunate mistake with her DUI, was used as a parallel to Brandi’s ongoing situation and one that she is in denial of. To me, that was astounding. There are no rumors of Bella being an alcoholic, of that I am sure. It was a hurtful statement which would’ve provoked a reaction I would not have been proud of, had it been leveled at my daughter.” 

“That was a defining moment for me, a bitter comparison, a defensive move in attempt to shift the focus from her problem onto that of a young woman who has paid a price and has learnt from her mistake. I ask myself as Yolanda states that she is lashing out, hitting below the belt, at what point is it enough? At what point do you evaluate the pros and cons of your relationship? At what point, especially when it comes at your daughter’s expense, can you say enough?” bemoaned Lisa. “Get the f— out of my house and understand there are boundaries and consequences in a friendship that are essential to a deep, meaningful relationship.”

THIS. I cannot believe Yolanda didn’t immediately walk Brandi to her door. Or the cliff that overlooks the freeway in front of her house. Whichever. 

Lisa failed to find the humor in Brandi‘s Ebola joke. “I would’ve presumed that hit an all-time low, but then Brandi continues with another careless foolish remark – her wish to transport Kyle to Liberia was a crude example of why, at the onset of the show she reflected on why people aren’t amused at her observations. Because the graphic images firmly etched in my mind of people bleeding from their gut, the 10,000 people that are victims of this insidious disease, and the ripple effect as the world deals with this crisis… that is all the reminder we need.”


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