Claudia Jordan

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it – Claudia Jordan bores me and there’s something really disingenuous about her. The constant backpedaling hyperbole, coupled with bragging about how smart, accomplished, and career-savvy she is, without any of the behavior to back it up just irks me. Furthermore, anyone this bothered by Porsha Williams needs a priority realignment.

Anyway, Claudia is still talking about Porsha and trying to feed us excuses about how she’s not responsible for anything that happened between them. First of all, Claudia insists she wasn’t crying to Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey about Porsha specifically, it was about how stressful her life has been since joining Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Dish Network. 

“I was not crying about Porsha or the fact that I’m biracial!” Claudia announces “There was such a buildup of so many things that it just took one little thing to push me over the top. I am not that emotionally invested in Porsha, and if you ever catch me getting there, please take me out to pasture and put me out of my misery!” 


“Let’s be very clear — like crystal clear — I am not jealous of Porsha, she has nothing I want or couldn’t get if I wanted it,” Claudia continues “I do not want her life, hair, body, mouth, or situation. I was stressed and sick of all the B.S. that was coming my way, and it was a culmination of lots of things. Basically I was over it.”

Claudia had frustrations with Porsha way before Puerto Rico, which is why she called her a prostitute. “You saw Porsha was being shady as hell to me at work way before Puerto Rico. So when I came for her on the bus it was beyond justified. It was a buildup and I let out all the things I had held back in all of our other interactions that she brought upon herself.”  

Then Claudia tells us again, she’s successful, she gets along with everyone, she doesn’t need to be the center of attention and she’s fabulous. Is she trying to convince herself? Let your actions tell us who you are, not your blogs! “I’ve never been the type of woman that couldn’t co-exist with successful women,” she writes. “I’ve never had the need to be the “star” in my group of friends. I actually like to surround myself with women that are upwardly mobile, intelligent, fabulous, successful, independent, and inspirational. So to suggest jealousy over a woman that only has more material items than me for now is laughable.”

Claudia says other issues at Dish Network were playing into her general frustration with life, including moving to a new city and starting over there. Which is understandable. “Again, being the new girl on the block on the radio show was extremely stressful. I had to sit in the seat and take over the position of a very beloved radio personality that’s by far one of the best in the business,” Claudia emphasizes. “Now all I wanted to do was work and collect my check and go home with as little drama as possible.” So she joined RHOA?! No comprende!

And speaking of Dish Network and Rickey Smiley, Claudia maintains it was never her intent to tattle on Porsha at work. Calling the situation “awkward,” she denies even bringing Porsha’s name up to their boss and claims he asked her. 

“I did not go to Rickey to talk about Porsha! I handled Porsha just fine without anyone else’s assistance and did not need back up. She is not a tough cookie to crack. I went to get feedback about my progress with the show, and when Rickey decided to bring Porsha in, it frustrated me because I didn’t think it would be productive, and again, I wasn’t there for that!” Claudia insists. “But at the same time it’s Rickey’s show, and if he felt the tension (and he admitted he did) and wanted to see if he could help, then who am I to tell the man that gave me a job what to do regarding his show?”

“I never brought up Porsha’s name. She’s right about one thing — we don’t work together (besides the episodes of Dish Nation when the show asked me to come on), but we do work in the same space with the same people, who are casualties of our issues,” Claudia adds. “I was fine with us ignoring each other in the hallway, but when it got to the point where folks are pulling me aside telling me it was getting weird for them and I wouldn’t want that getting to Rickey, then I’m going to do my part to make it better.”

Claudia chides Porsha for being inauthentic and refusing to accept responsibility for her part in their issues. “If Porsha wants to play fake and act like I’m imagining things, that’s fine. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. And the truth is the truth.”

“I do not operate in the land of make believe; I tend to live in a thing called the real world,” Claudia says. “So I don’t regret anything I’ve done, because I’ve done it with purpose and with no shady ulterior motives.” Quick Question: Is Claudia’s real world like Life Twirls On where characters are sort of based very loosely on a few delusional people’s version of reality?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]