Cynthia Bailey Says Porsha’s Whole Life Is A Lie; Melissa Gorga Gives Updates On Joe and Teresa Giudice


Cynthia Bailey and Melissa Gorga were Andy Cohen’s guests tonight on Watch What Happens Live.  Cynthia deflected and denied while Melissa gave updates on her dream house, Joe’s trash business and her in-laws, Joe and Teresa Giudice.

On her disagreement with Phaedra Parks, Cynthia says “It wasn’t really a disagreement.  We talked amongst the group and it didn’t really go that well. I thought “let’s do this again, let’s talk one on one.”  And she says that didn’t go well either. 

Andy asks Melissa if it was hard to see Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker do marriage counseling since they just got married a year ago?  “It’s hard because they got married on reality TV.  I think that makes it a little more difficult.”

Why did Cynthia bring up Mr. Chocolate to Phaedra at dinner? “I brought it up because if the shoe was on the other foot and Peter had told Apollo that I was cheating on him and Apollo told Phaedra, I would want Phaedra to tell me.  I would want to know. I didn’t bring it with any judgement or malice. As a matter of fact it was really uncomfortable to put it out there because I know she’s been going through a lot.”  She says she’d do it again, but differently. 

Cynthia admits burning her friendship contract was a little dramatic.

What’s going on with Melissa Gorga’s dream house?  “The house is still being built in Franklin Lakes, but we’re going to sell it. We’re back in our house.” 

How is the garbage shredding business?  “That’s just something Joe invested in, so I don’t see that on a day to day basis. I don’t know.”

On Teresa Giudice, “She’s doing well. My mother in law gives me updates all the time and she’s doing really good.”  Andy asks if she’s personally had any contact with Teresa.  Melissa shared, “I have written to her, yes, and she’s spoken to her brother on the phone.” 

On how Joe Giudice is doing, “It’s heavy on his heart. It’s a lot.”  She says it’s heartwarming to see him taking the girls to school in the morning.  She loves that he’s manning up and doing what he has to do. She seems him drive the girls every morning.

She says that Milania and Antonia are still having playdates.  Melissa just had the girls over last week. When Andy asks if she has seen the girls a lot, she says “I’ve seen them, yeah.”

She shared that Joey does spend a lot of time with their parents and says they always have but now it’s a little more than it was.

Andy asks Cynthia and Melissa if they have prenups.  Cynthia says yes and Melissa says no.

On there being a little hint thrown last episode that maybe Peter hasn’t been faithful, Cynthia deflects and avoids the question.  “I don’t believe anything that comes out of Porsha’s mouth. Her whole life is a lie. What I was more surprised about Porsha was her throwing Kandi under the bus to Phaedra, trying to come in between that friendship because when she was down and out, Kandi was the one to come to her.”

Melissa says the reports about Teresa making enemies in prison are completely false.

A caller asks Cynthia if she’s being a mean girl to stay relevant on the show because of what Wendy Williams said? “No, first of all, I don’t think I’m being mean. I don’t think I’m a mean girl just because I put things on the table.  I don’t think I do it in a mean spirited way.  And I’m relevant on the show.” 

A caller asks Melissa if she thinks NeNe and Cynthia can repair their relationship.  She says that she thinks all relationships are mend-able and it just takes time.  “I’m living proof of that, so yeah. I think they will eventually.”

Andy tells Melissa that he feels like she was “stifled” at the last reunion because of Teresa’s situation.  Like she had things she wanted to say but couldn’t.  “I don’t believe in hitting people when they’re down. I think she’s going through enough and if she was saying something that I disagreed with or I felt like there were some things being said that were coming at me a little bit but if I just stayed quiet.  I feel like she was going through a lot.  I took the high road there.  What are you going to say? Three days before she found out this huge news so if my buttons were being pushed a little, I just stayed quiet because it wasn’t really the time for that.”

A caller asks Cynthia what she misses most about NeNe and she says “the fun times.”  She shares that when NeNe is in a good mood she is hilarious and fun to talk to, so that’s what she really misses.

Andy then asks both ladies a few Housewives-related questions:

What Housewife would you give a makeover to?  Melissa picks Ramona Singer.  She thinks she looks amazing but that she hasn’t changed things up very much.

If they could switch cities, where would they go?  They both say Beverly Hills.

Who would they trade husbands with for a day? Melissa would switch with Kyle Richards.  Cynthia picks David Foster.

Which Housewife would they like to trade closets with?  They both say Yolanda Foster.

Which Housewife do they could kick their ass?  Melissa picks PhaedraCynthia chooses Claudia

Who do you think has the highest IQ? Melissa says LuAnn de Lesseps and Cynthia says Bethenny Frankel.

A caller asks Cynthia why she thinks she’s getting so much hate on social media?  “I think at different times we all get hate on social media, that’s just the way it works. So this is my time.”

I was a little disappointed that Andy completely avoided any updates on plans for an upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Give a girl a little bit of something!


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