Joe Giudice Denies Cheating While Teresa Giudice Is Behind Bars!


Joe Giudice is at home supposedly holding down the fort while his wife Teresa Giudice serves her 15 months in prison, but unfortunately drinking and cheating allegations keep plaguing Juicy.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is speaking out to deny he is being unfaithful while his wife goes without hair and makeup in the clink. According to a recent report Joe was spotted with a woman named Jamie Jackson, a 30-year-old “party girl” who was drunk enough to make-out with Juicy all over Atlantic City with cameras present. Is anyone that desperate?  

Joe denies cheating on Teresa with Jamie, and says the rumors are baseless. “I met this girl twice and nothing went on,” he insists. 


However, a tabloid claims to have videos and photos of Joe with Jamie. These so-called recent photos feature a much younger (and much thinner!) looking Juicy, so apparently the Photoshop wizards have the airbrush wand on the Magic Erase setting!

The alleged tryst began in January after Juicy was introduced to Jamie through mutual friends. After 4-weeks of flirting they reportedly took their attraction to the Tropicana in Atlantic City. 

Witness say Juicy and Jamie appeared “drunk out of their minds” and were seen publicly canoodling, before retreating to a hotel room where “things got crazy.” Joe denies having an affair, but does admit that Jamie was with a “friend” of his.  

Joe finally confessed, according to In Touch Weekly, that, “Maybe I had an arm around her [at Carmine’s].” As for the photos showcasing the two of them together, Joe insists, “Um, we were at a business meeting.”

Speaking out again, Joe continues to deny anything untoward went on between him and Jamie. “No, I did not flirt with her. I did not make out with her, nothing happened between us. Everything InTouch is saying that happened between us are lies.”

Joe says he met Jamie on two separate occasions, both times in Atlantic City, and one such meeting took place at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Carmine’s restaurant where they were having a business dinner because Jamie is a paid escort? with several other people. 

Teresa knew that I was down there both times,” Juicy tells Us Weekly. “So it’s not like I went down there with her not knowing.” Joe says the so-called “incriminating photos” were taken during a group dinner and he was not alone with Jamie at any time. 

Jamie also denies hooking-up with Joe in any capacity, other than professionally. “I definitely never slept with him… Nothing happened with me and Joe, I didn’t know him prior, nothing inappropriate happened at any time,” she maintains. “We did not hook up, kiss, or anything more. I saw him at the two business meals and nothing more, it’s all made up bulls—.”

Both allude to the photos featuring them together as being doctored. As for the unsurfaced video of Joe supposedly “making out” with Jamie at dinner, Joe dismisses that as well. “This story doesn’t make any sense,” he complains. And he invites the tabloid to bring on the so-called proof! “I guarantee you that nothing happened. They said they have a video of me in a bedroom?” Joe wonders. “What are they talking about? They said I’ve been with this girl more than one time, it’s not true.” 

“Let’s get real here, if I’m going to make out with a girl, is it going to be in the middle of Carmine’s? No way,” says Joe. In the past Joe has been spotted publicly with other women, allegedly on dates. 

Joe also calls out In Touch for doctoring photos of Teresa and making up stories! “They couldn’t even use the real pictures or real facts,” he laments.

You know what’s amusing – In Touch is the tabloid Teresa was accused of having a deal with, which was a hotly contested storyline in RHONJ season 4. This is the very same tabloid Teresa was colluding with to put out dubious stories for money and publicity. Now that’s some karma. And some irony. Fabellironi, actually! 

Also, what the hell kinda “business meeting” is Joe at – is he trying to sell this Jamie girl cases of Fabellini?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]