Porsha Williams On Plastic Surgery, Fake Apology with Kenya Moore And Says Claudia And Kordell Are Desperate


Porsha Williams was on the Steve Harvey show yesterday afternoon and chatted with him about her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, her plastic surgery, and even helped do “Housewives-inspired makeovers.” 

I have to say that something felt really “off” about Porsha during the interview.  I don’t know if she was nervous or if she’s trying really hard to bring a bit of a “NeNe-sass” to her personality?  Something was different.

Steve starts off with questions from fans.  On Claudia and Kordell being called “Claudel,” she says “they should rename themselves desperados.” 

On Claudia Jordan joining the cast, “From the moment Claudia joined the show, I thought she was nice.”  Porsha says it confused her that Kenya Moore was trying to encourage Claudia to hook up with her ex-husband Kordell because when Kenya first joined the show, she was accusing Porsha of being Kordell’s beard but now this season was trying to set Claudia up with him.  “It’s weird. It’s really weird.” 

Is she dating an African prince?  “No, I’m not dating an African prince. However, since it’s been in social media so much, I’m sure an African prince is going to be seeking me out. I will be Princess Porsha.  I’m single and in the public eye and I haven’t told everybody who I’m dating so they have me dating everybody.  A dictator’s son, this young 20 year old basketball player, a football player, I was with everyone.  I just think it’s funny, I laugh.” 

Porsha thinks the reason people are making up the fake dating scenarios is because, “I’m successful.  People see me with nice things and I’m doing well for myself.”  She then jokes that she’s open to the African prince, “For the right guy to treat me well and support me I’d say “whatever you would like.” 

A Twitter user asks if Porsha really calls herself names in bed.  “Yes, I like to be called things like nasty girl, dirty girl ‘grandma if you’re watching..’  they like to call me all kinds of little things.  But you have to say it very sweet.  That’s how most women are. We are ladies in the street and we are freaks in the bed.”  

How genuine was her makeup with Kenya, can she say they’re friends now?  “The makeup wasn’t genuine. It was so fake, the hug was fake, all of it. However, I had opened up a piece of my heart at that point.  Even though my hug was just a church hug, I opened my heart a bit.  But as the season progressed she started showing signs that she was the same person.  We are still on completely opposite sides of the reality world.”

Steve shares says that Kenya worked on his sitcom playing a school teacher in the early days.  Porsha snipes “Oh that’s cool that she had a job back then. You gave her a real acting job.”

Has she had any work done besides her boobs (aka Coco and Chanel).  “People think I’ve had my nose done, my teeth.  Somebody said I had my ribs crushed. Can you imagine that? So, no, I haven’t had any other work done except for the new girls and I love them. I’m enjoying them, probably more than anybody.”

Porsha then made over two ladies.  One she made up to look like NeNe Leakes and the other to look like her.  See the pics below.

Watch her clips on Steve Harvey’s show website.

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Photo Credit: Instagram & Steve Harvey TV