Lisa Rinna Says She Wants To Move On From The Drama With Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville On RHOBH

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna took to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week to explain why she filled in Kyle Richards on her chat with Brandi Glanville about Kim Richards following the disaster that was poker night. Blech!! I know the housewives are contractually obligated to blog about the show, but enough already! I am so over the drama between Kim and Brandi and Kyle and Lisa

Lisa said she knew Kyle was “in need of someone to talk to” about Kim.

“I am just as sick of this topic as all of you are,” shared Lisa, “but at this point, it was quite evident to me that Kim’s “best friend” had decided to fill her in on the conversation we had over lunch but conveniently left out her entire role in the conversation. One would assume that Brandi realized she’d spoken of Kim in a way that would upset her, so she lumped the whole conversation on me. Brandi needed me to be the bad guy in order to keep Kim from being mad at her, too.”


Lisa pointed out that she reached out the Kyle because Brandi asked her to.

“As we all saw, Brandi asked me to reach out to Kyle on her behalf. I spoke to Kyle and told her about Brandi’s concern for Kim during our conversation and her suggestion of an intervention,” said Lisa. “As I have said before, I know that all of you, our viewers, know exactly what’s going on. We all saw Brandi tell me how there is so much more going on than I know surrounding the topic I no longer want to speak of. We all saw Brandi suggest to me that an intervention be planned for our group while we spoke of Kim. We all saw Brandi tell me that Kim would murder her and then kill herself if she knew that Brandi was talking about her situation.” Brandi admitted Kim was upset with her after the talk aired.

Lisa went on to say that “everyone” needs to stay out of Kim and Kyle‘s mess.

“The bond between sisters is so deep. I really would love to see the Richards sisters work it out and come to a place of mutual understanding and respect of one another,” said Lisa. “Seeing them together in Palm Springs only reiterates to all of us just how deep-rooted their issues truly are and how everyone needs to stay out of their relationship. Quite honestly, other than that, I am done. This is the last thing I want to be talking about, but the forbidden situation keeps on being brought up, so here I am, rehashing the damn thing again. I want to stab myself in the eyeball with a chopstick over this whole nightmare and just move on already.” I really hope Lisa has since realized that “everyone” includes her.

Kim still has not apologized to Kyle, Eileen, or me for her uncalled for behavior toward us or my husband. I do still have a lot to process, and a lot has been left unresolved,” shared Lisa. “Next week is the finale, followed by the reunion you’ve been hearing so much about. Oh boy. The drama continues…”


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