Brandi Glanville Gushes Over Her Brand New Man – A Hot Teacher – And Whines About The RHOBH Reunion

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville‘s latest Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast was full of charm – she revealed that she “f–king” hates Valentine’s Day, she dumped boyfriend JR because he didn’t knock out a stranger’s teeth in her honor, though she already found a “hot as sh-t” teacher to replace him, and she has zero interest in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion if no one there is her friend.

About her breakup with JR, who was her #1 man just two weeks ago, Brandi shared, “We have great chemistry physically but otherwise we just don’t get along. He said something to me that really got under my skin and I just couldn’t let it go.” According to Brandi, a stranger approached JR and said that Brandi must have slept with Donald Trump to make it as far as she did on Celebrity Apprentice. “Instead of knocking that guy’s teeth out, and not saying anything just to have my back, JR asked me if it was true.” Did JR lose his teeth? LOL!


Brandi continued, “I was like, ‘You’re not only insulting my intelligence, you’re calling me a hooker.’ JR thought I was over-reacting. I said, ‘No. You don’t come to me with that. You shut that guy down and you do not mention that to me.’ No one has ever said that to me. The fact that he even questioned it. I was like, ‘First of all, Donald Trump is married to a beautiful super model, and I’m actually smart, f–k face.'” 

Feeling disrespected, Brandi told JR that it was time for her to move on. “The second I said that, I met somebody. He’s a teacher – a high school teacher, a normal good guy, doesn’t drink, clean living, crazy hot,” gushed Brandi. “We’ve just been talking. Nothing has really happened yet. It’s so weird – the second I got clarity over my last relationship, this wonderful guy pops into my life. It was so random and interesting.”

Brandi went on and on about her new victim man’s positive attributes. “We talk every day now, like four times a day, and he is hot as sh-t. It’s amazing. I do tend to go for the hottest guys in the room, which doesn’t always work out for me, but I have to learn from my mistakes. He is the hottest guy in the room, but having said that, he is a teacher. To underprivileged kids. And hot. And his body’s stupid. And he’s Italian.” 

Moving on to RHOBH rumors, Brandi shared, “I was reading that I am going to quit Housewives. I have not made any decisions yet either way. I don’t know, at this point, what the future holds for me. I haven’t said yes. I haven’t said no.”

Brandi bellyached about not having any friends at the reunion. “I don’t want to walk into a reunion without any friends. It would be a bloodbath. People don’t realize that [we’re] sitting on that couch for probably 12 hours. It’s such a mindf–k. It’s really hard. Then, going in with everyone against you, that doesn’t sound fun.” Can I get an “awwwwww” for Brandi? <crickets>

So, we all have heard by now that Yolanda Foster may not be able to attend the reunion because of her recent setback with Lyme disease, but what about Brandi‘s bestie Kim Richards? Sad news! Brandi revealed that Kim is mad at her because of the “edit” of the last few episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Never Brandi. Always that bitch Edit.

On the show, Brandi talked to Lisa Rinna about Kim‘s odd behavior, “I wasn’t in any way saying that she’s not well. I’m saying I worry about her because of everything that’s on her plate. The other women are talking and I was talking about the one time she took that pill. Does that mean she fell off the wagon? I don’t know. That’s what I was told. That was my concern. But it makes it look like I watched her do all these… I’ve never seen her do a drug, I’ve never seen her drink, I’ve never seen her do anything.”

Brandi continued, “In that episode because Lisa Rinna opens that dialogue it makes it seem like I’m saying I think there’s something going on with Kim. When, really, I’ve been around her and she’s been nothing but great except for the fact that she has a lot on her plate. There’s some emotional problems that anyone would have – watching your ex, the love of your life, die right in front of you, that’s not healthy. Now Kim’s upset with me, and I love her so much.”

About the reunion, Brandi shared, “I just don’t want to walk in there having all these women having nothing better [to do] than go after me.” What would they do if Brandi isn’t there? “Lisa Vanderpump could bring her new puppy and Kyle Richards could talk about all the vacations she has planned. That could be fun. That would be a fun reunion.”

Brandi‘s guest was Johnny Damon. You can listen to their chat here, starting at the 20:20 mark.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo