Lisa Rinna: Possibly Saving Kim Richards’ Life Was Worth Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Brandi Glanville Compares RHOBH To ‘Mean Girls’!

lisa rinna and brandi glanville

Lisa Rinna is having trouble getting the hang of this whole reality star thing – most notably the black hole of twitter and how nothing is ever truly erased from twitter! After tweeting (and deleting) a diatribe accusing Kim Richards of being “too inebriated” to write her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills blog, Lisa took heat from viewers. Defending herself, Lisa admitted it was a mistake to tweet (and delete) but haven’t we all done it? She also said it was all worth it to help Kim, but Brandi Glanville is still shouting ‘hypocrisy’ from the rooftops of her Valley rental! 

Lisa asked, “Raise your hand if you’ve tweeted and deleted. Come on be honest.” Then she wondered, “Raise your hand if you’ve tweeted buzzed or drunk. Raise your hand if you have tweeted the word that rhymes with Runt. Raise your hand if you’ve tweeted something nasty about anyone. I bet even @oprah has tweeted and deleted!!!” Lisa also thinks both the Pope and Obama have had a tweet/delete moment. 


Guessing that most everyone has, Dr. Lipsa, the Beverly Hills Buddha advised, “Ok then get off your high horse take a Xanax or 2 or 20 and say goodnight” 

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Too bad Lipsa can’t go to Brandi for help with the whole tweeting, deleting, and dealing with haters things – I mean didn’t Brandi write two books on the subject? 

Lisa also admits that the whole “intervention” conversation was probably misunderstood by both herself and Brandi. “I will say the word intervention got misunderstood by me and I think by BG but all of the other things said were quite clear,” she tweeted. Although I stand by that the misplaced focus on the word “intervention” was the biggest problem. Brandi declared Kim had a problem and asked Lisa for help – that should have been the focus of all the ire! 

Despite all the drama and negativity, and even being blamed by Kim for everything, Lisa still believes it worth it if Kim got some help. 

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Well, true. I mean, sure, Lisa was way too involved (and she won’t stop being involved), but given that addiction has personally has affected her family she over-reacted. To me, the true issue lay in Kim’s overreaction which made everyone believe she was over-compensating. But also Brandi’s extreme statements about how dire Kim’s situation was which made the other ladies concerned. 

With all that said, Lipsa is ready for us to get angry about the RHOBH reunion (and to also remember that this is reality TV, which can only sometimes be confused with real life).

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Moving on Brandi’s latest column for Australia’s NW magazine was released. In it she reflects on the last two episodes of RHOBH and is furious about the massive load of hypocrisy amongst her co-stars. 

Describing why she “broke down” during her facial with Yolanda Foster because “everything just got to me,” Brandi says she couldn’t stand one more lecture – not from Yo, not from anyone. 

“My father had gone into the hospital and he wasn’t given a great diagnosis and Yolanda started a lecture I didn’t care about – I was just thinking about my dad,” Brandi complains. “Plus I’m sick of the double standards.”

Lisa Rinna can do assault and battery, and try to kill someone at dinner and it’s not talked about again, but I take two teaspoons of wine and chuck it across the table and it’s all anyone can talk about,. It’s hypocrisy. It’s like Mean Girls.” Hmmmm… hardly, but OK. 


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Well, tonight is the beginning of the RHOBH reunion, the first of three episodes! Yolanda discusses her struggles with Lyme Disease and then confronts Brandi over her comments about Bella being an alcoholic before leaving early. The rest of the ladies stay behind to squabble with Kim insulting Lipsa’s acting career while Brandi and LVP have a vitriolic exchange over Lisa’s decision to stop investing in their friendship. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us. Bring the wine! A preview is below! 


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