The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 5

In her Bravo blog Lipsa Rinna weighs in on the “Hunger Games” this week that was part 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. She entered the reunion as a newbie, and with much trepidation. She hadn’t seen any of the ladies since filming for RHOBH had wrapped months before and says, “I could have gone another few months, or really, another few lifetimes without seeing them.” But see them, she did! And they lived up to her very low expectations about as well as she anticipated. “It seems some came in ready to toss out passive aggressive insults about how much better they were than the rest of us, and others came in with a more direct approach, shooting out insults the whole way through. Just as classy as I had anticipated it to be,” she quips. 

Rinna first addresses the garbled, mumbly jab Kim Richards’ attempted over Rinna doing a Depends commercial, which she claims earned her at least 7 figures. She says YES, not NO to 7 figure gigs! Meanwhile, Kim says YES to Diving with the Stars. And Drinking in Her Closet (allegedly). Apparently, as part of Rinna’s commercial contract, Kimberly Clark (Depends parent organization) donated a quarter of a million dollars to the charity Dress for Success: “a global not-for-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.” Lisa adds, “The fact that I got paid handsomely and Dress For Success did as well is worth any teasing or taunting I may get. If ‘not taking pride’ in the jobs I choose means this worthy charity gets a hearty six figure check and some recognition, then so be it!”


Moving on next to Brandi Glanville’s comment that she wishes Rinna were more “honest” face-to-face, not just in interviews, Rinna says, “How quickly she forgets about the lunch we had where I sat down and addressed how I wanted to talk about her and her crazy behavior. I asked why she says such mean things and acts out with the others. Maybe to Brandi this doesn’t count as honesty because she took our conversation and spun it, so we landed on the topic of Kim and not her. I don’t know. Just a thought.”

Aside from KimBrandi, Rinna had mostly praise for her other cast mates, who she felt called it like they saw it at the reunion and didn’t back down from Kim & Brandi’s train-wrecky behavior – well, except for Yolanda Foster, that is, the defender of all drunk/delusional/slappy/slurry/broke housewives everywhere! She also compliments Kyle Richards for looking on-point & totally stunning in red (yes, ma’am!) at the reunion, and gave her props for keeping her composure while having to face Kim after they’d not spoken for so long: “Having to see her sister for the first time in months with cameras around can’t be easy, but of course, she remained strong, and I’m proud of her for that.”

But Rinna thought Lisa Vanderpump was the real MVP of the night for not backing down to any of Brandi’s verbal diarrhea. “I think Lisa V. said it perfectly when she spoke of Brandi’s drinking. She’s absolutely right to point out that that when Brandi drinks, it may not be a problem in her life, but it certainly becomes our group’s problem when she does it around us. Lisa was completely spot on with this one,” she says, “let’s face it, Lisa V. is the Queen!”


Eileen Davidson gets the second place award in Brandi-defensive-combat, as Rinna points out that Eileen “was also right to point out that she only commented on Brandi’s negative behaviors that happened while in her presence. One of those times happening in her own home! Eileen is always fair, she’s compassionate and she is direct.” Rinna adds that fellow newbie Eileen made the season a bit more bearable for her in general: “I feel so grateful to have gone through this with Eileen as the other newbie. I can’t imagine this experience without her. Thank you, Eileen!”

Rinna wishes health for Yolanda, who she considers a trooper for even showing up for a hot minute to this bat-sh*t crazy reunion while feeling so ill. “I can only handle so much crazy and yelling even on my best days, so I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it was for her to sit on the couch for the short time she was there.” She also points out that Yolanda is kind of a saint for letting Brandi’s comments about her daughter Bella being called an alcoholic slide: “I also commend her for being able to take the high road when discussing what was said about Bella. I’m not so sure I could have done the same if something similar was said to me about one of my girls!” Remember, Lipsa said she’ll cut a b*tch who messes with her family. #withbrokenstemware

Closing her blog with thanks for the support through her father’s failing health, Rinna says he’s doing better now: “My dad successfully made it through three bouts of pneumonia in the past year and is out of the hospital and doing OK. Both he and my mom are hanging in there but best of all have each other at almost 87 and 93.” 

Rinna warns us that the madness has just begun though on the 3-part reunion and we should all strap in for the wild ride that awaits us in the coming weeks. “This is just the beginning, so sit tight and keep your seat belts safety fastened. I have a lot more to say about a lot of things. Just you wait!” 


Photo Credit:  Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

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