Kim Richards Wants Her Co-Stars To Stop Intruding In Her Life And Trying To Fix A Problem That Doesn’t Exist

Kim Richards

Much to her dismay, Kim Richards has been the primary focus of the last five episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim took to her blog to chastise Lisa Rinna for spreading rumors about her and express her gratitude to Yolanda Foster for cluing her in.

Kim said she had to watch the episode a few times in order to fully process it.

“And the conclusion is I’m perplexed!” added Kim. “Did anyone else notice that almost every single scene of this episode involved me in some way? I mean, isn’t it odd that I’m the conversation topic of Eileen and Vince’s romantic dinner out?! And that’s just ONE out of many examples in [this] episode. Even though Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise birthday party was such a blast, people were still talking about me. I just do not get it. It’s getting to a point where I actually feel bad for them. I would hate talking about me all the time. HAHA!”


Kim shared her thoughts on her co-stars chatter about a relapse, “But in all seriousness, I wish people would just stop trying to intrude in my life and ‘fix’ a problem that doesn’t exist. Would it break their hearts terribly to know and accept that I am healthy and well? I hate to sound like a broken record, but yes, I made a mistake when I took Monty’s pain pill to relieve the chronic pain from my injuries, and yes, I am still sober and strong mentally and physically. However, that one situation did not give anyone the right to spread the rumor that I had relapsed and been drinking.”

“According to the recovery programs, a relapse is when someone preeminently abandons their recovery plan completely by choice. I didn’t do that, and these women know I didn’t, because they interacted and had spoken with me many times following the poker night, and they’ll tell you I had been and am fine. Their constant chatter about me honestly feels like they’re belittling all the hard work I’ve put into my recovery for the past three years,” bemoaned Kim. “Now, this has only become a big deal because they made it a big deal.”

Kim admitted to the others at Eileen‘s house that she tends to isolate herself when life gets hard. In her blog, she insisted that she is sober because she is able to recognize these moments of weakness. Kim does not appreciate Lisa Rinna turning this against her.

“During Lisa’s surprise party, Yolanda pulled me aside and told me that Lisa R was talking to different people about me and how I was drinking again/using pills. That’s actually the first time I found out that people were talking about me and relapsing! The whole time I thought they were just worried about how I was coping with Monty’s situation. I am so thankful for Yolanda – I love her so much. I would have never known the truth. What a rude awakening!”

Kim said she has a life coach, who is available 24/7, and many “sober” friends and “close” family members to lean on. In other words, Kim doesn’t rely solely on not-so-sober Brandi Glanville and look-at-me Kyle Richards for support – if needed. So. Good. To. Know.

“The reason why these ladies don’t know everything about this integral part of my life is because I don’t shout it out on the rooftops, and I choose to be private about some things because this is what works for me,” explained Kim. “Growing up as a child actress and being part of a ‘reality’ show, I understand privacy is not easily defined and exposure comes with the job, but certain parts of my recovery journey are for me only — my health, my mind, and my soul. I shouldn’t have to justify my actions and decisions to anyone else.”

Kim shared why she seems unbothered by Kyle and Brandi’s rift, “Choosing to be silent during some arguments and conflicts is also something I consciously decide to do for my own sake, including the Kyle and Brandi drama. After all these years, you and I both know that there is nothing anyone can do to fix their relationship until THEY decide to mend it. Sometimes, I choose to sit out because I am TIRED of the drama and just want to focus on my life, my family, and my sobriety, which is like a full-time job. I am grateful to be here today, but you never forget the dark once you’ve been there. It’s precisely this feeling of vulnerability that drives me to do better and stay sober every day.”


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