WWHL: Kenya Moore Slams NeNe Leakes Over Detroit Donation; Says She Doesn’t Play Victim


After tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore was Andy’s guest on Watch What Happens Live, along with Sherri Shepherd.  Kenya dished on Apollo Nida’s lies, NeNe Leakes Detroit donation and more. 

Andy starts off asking a fan question – wanting to know why Kenya filed charges against Porsha Williams after the reunion brawl.  Kenya claims that she didn’t actually file charges, but since she called 911 and got the police involved…   Kenya shared, “Honestly Kandi and I will never agree on that. I draw the line at violence.  We are there to be gaslights to each other at the reunions.  We irritate, we provoke, we annoy, but we don’t resort to violence and I think that’s where I draw the line.” 

Andy asks Sherri her opinion on what went down between Porsha and Kenya.  Sherri says they talked about it on The View after it initially aired they all felt that Kenya provoked Porsha.   Kenya disagrees with her and says that what Sherri’s saying is like  “if you’re irritated enough it’s okay to put your hands on someone and clearly it’s not.”  Sherri jumps in and says “What about don’t irritate?”  Kenya says “that’s what we’re there to do.  Do you think I didn’t feel irritated by Phaedra calling me a whore and everyone coming at me at the same time at the reunion?” 

Andy plays the clip of Apollo “apologizing”  and says that had to feel good to Kenya for him to finally fess up.  “of course. My story has been the same from day one.  I have never seen Apollo outside of Atlanta or even an Atlanta Housewife taping.  So when he said I saw him in L.A. and I offered him fellatio and all of that, and then for Phaedra to repeat that story on national TV, on interviews, it was clearly slander.  It maligned my character and it attacked my virtue as a woman.  I never did that and never would.  I’m not interested in her husband, I’m not interested in anybody else’s husband.” 

Andy then shows Kenya all the clips of NeNe bashing her and the RHOA cast during her WWHL appearance last weekend.  And Kenya says “Yes, I donated $20,000 to Detroit Public Schools Foundation, of my own money.” Andy says “and was there a deadline on that?” Kenya replies, “you were there, no, she said ‘you write your check and I’ll write mine’ and I wrote my check.  Where’s her money?”   She then bashes NeNe for calling it a “statue” of limitations instead of “statute”.  “Clearly she should’ve gone to Detroit Public Schools.” 

Andy then asks if Kenya purposefully went to see Sherri’s version of Cinderella on Broadway instead of waiting for NeNe’s.  “Absolutely not, I went to the opening night of Cinderella and I’m a huge, huge fan of KeKe Palmer.  And Sherri as well.  I wanted to support them on Broadway, so that’s the reason I went.” 

Kenya says “I think it’s silly that she says we don’t support her.  Well why would we? I think she is not satisfied unless she’s taking someone else down.  If she’s not on top and everybody else has to be on the bottom and I don’t understand that. There’s room for us all.” 

Andy says a question that keeps being asked by the fans is why does Kenya love playing the victim so much? “I think I play my truth. I’m nobody’s victim, I’m a strong girl and I will always be strong, but I tell the truth and play my own reality.” 

Is Kenya still trying to get pregnant?  She gives a coy smile and says “no comment.  Time will tell. Wait until reunion and we’ll see if there’s a change.” 

A caller accidentally calls her Kendra and she gets offended, correcting her and telling her she is named after the country in Africa and shames her to ‘get it right’.   The caller’s question is wondering if Kenya is just playing things up for the cameras because the other Housewives seem much more real.  “I am who I am and I don’t play to a camera and I don’t play to the audience.  You either respond to me or you don’t. I can be quite polarizing, meaning you either love me or hate me.   Bethenny was like that, right? Now she’s worth $100 million dollars so I really don’t care what your opinion of me is.”   Sherri was floored at how rude Kenya was to the caller.  Sherri cracked off “wow, that’s a way to keep your fans, girl.”  Kenya says “it doesn’t matter to me. ”  Sherri said “girl I hope you don’t look up in 10 years and go ‘where are the people who I need to keep me there’.”  Kenya says “I have them, and the same to you.”   Sherri says “I always have mine, mine are fine.”  

Andy says a fan wants to know if Kenya reached out to Phaedra after Apollo’s sentencing.  “Actually I did.  I told her I would send a prayer for her and that I hoped she and the kids are well.”

On the After Show a caller asks if Kenya thinks she’ll do better on Celebrity Apprentice than NeNe did.  “I think I’m a competitor and I play to win.  I think I will.”

Another caller asks about her friendship with Cynthia.  Kenya says they have been friends and have a lot of friends in common and have a genuine friendship.  She hopes they’ll always be friends because Cynthia is “salt of the earth.” 

On Brandi Glanville: “we’re not the best of friends.”  She says that Andy was witness to Brandi’s crazy at the Bravo upfronts and Andy sort of confirmed but moved on to the next question quickly.  



 Photo Credit: Twitter