NeNe Leakes Talks Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida; Says She Gets NO Support From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Co-Stars


Once again Bravo made us think an episode of The Real Housewives was going to be 90 minutes long, but as always, it was just that they tacked on a new episode of Watch What Happens Live.  Tonight after the season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy’s guest on WWHL was NeNe Leakes

NeNe shared her thoughts on the Apollo Nida sentencing, Kenya Moore, not getting any support from her co-stars and much more!  Oh and Detroit Public Schools Foundation shouldn’t hold their breath for a check from NeNe because the “statute of limitations” ran out, at least in NeNe’s eyes.

What did NeNe think about Phaedra Parks not attending Apollo’s sentencing?  “I had mixed feelings about it. I tried to put myself in that place. I am married, I would want to support my husband in the good and bad, but I can understand how it might have been difficult.  I’m in a funny place with it. ”  She just knows that if it was Gregg, she’d be there.

How did she feel about Porsha’s sexy photoshoot outfit? “It’s a lot.  It’s a lot for camera and TV and everything. She put it out there.” 

Andy played NeNe the clip of Cynthia bashing her on tonight’s episode.  “I think it’s sad Cynthia’s acting like I ‘knocked her over’ or something.  I don’t have the time.  I’m on Broadway.”

The poll question asks if NeNe and Cynthia should become friends again.  NeNe starts saying “no, no, and no.”  Andy prods her a bit and she says “For somebody to sit and act like now her marriage is better because she’s not friends with me.  Really, Cynthia? Girl come on.  Look who’s saying ‘I like this new Cynthia’.  (refering to Kenya)  Bye girls, I’m on Broadway.” 

When Andy asks if NeNe can see Phaedra’s point that Apollo wasn’t thinking about his family when he did the illegal activities.  “Yeah, I do see her point. but it’s just really sad to have the kids there (in the scene he’s referring to).  We see the kids, we see her mom. It’s just really sad. All I can really do is pray for them because I know how it is to be publicly divorced.  It’s tough, with people judging you, so I understand what she’s saying about ‘what about my good name?’ because sometimes people only see one side.”  She does feel bad for Phaedra but she says that she liked Apollo and feels bad for him.

Andy asks if she’s spoken to Phaedra throughout this ordeal and wants to know how she’s supported Phaedra.  “I have.  I give her the truest advice i can give her. i tell her what I’ve gone through. I haven’t ever gone through that before – someone going off to prison, but I know that must be hard for her.  And the things that I said to her is just ‘live your life, just be true to who you are’ because that’s you really can do in a situation like this.  People are gonna judge you regardless.”

Andy asks if she’s talked to Teresa Giudice.  She says they’ve had many conversations and Teresa even mentioned coming to see NeNe on Broadway.  And NeNe says “I feel bad for her as well. I feel like when Teresa calls me, she knows she’s going to get real true advice.”  Andy wants to know what Teresa wants advice on.  “I don’t want to say her business out there.”  She then says she didn’t call or text Teresa on sentencing day.  “When I spoke to her I said ‘I know so many people were going to text you and call you and I didn’t want to be that person’.  We had a very real conversation and she’s called me several times.”  Nene says she would visit Teresa in prison if she’s okay with that and then she asks Andy if he’ll visit Teresa.  “Yeah sure. If she is in Connecticut and if she wanted to see me.”

Andy shows a clip from next week’s episode and it’s Kenya and Apollo rehashing the texting and meeting up in L.A. nonsense.  Andy asks NeNe if it surprises her to see those two doing that scene.  “You know what, I’ve been around this crap for so long and ______ (they bleep out part of what she says).  To me it’s just a big ole game. So, I don’t know. I don’t care one way or the other about it.”  She then says Kenya and Apollo are both in the wrong and at fault.   “He was big enough to apologize to her, but she owes him an apology as well. She said things that weren’t true, too. And she said things to his wife that she shouldn’t have.  No one person should be involved in somebody’s marriage.” 

Andy read some of NeNe’s recent Tweets and she explained who or what they were about – several were about Cynthia.  She says that as the episodes go on, we’ll see just who Cynthia really is.

Then Andy says that Kenya finally made her donation to Detroit and asks if NeNe sent hers.  “Oh really? She finally made a donation? Well, honey, didn’t the statute of limitations run out on that?”  Andy says “did it, was there a statute of limitations?”  NeNe responded with, “well, it was a long time ago, let’s say that.”  Andy asks, “was there a deadline?”  She says there was a limitation on that.  “I donate when I want to and I would need proof of that because we know she’s known to tell a few lies.” 

 A caller asks if NeNe is worried that Kenya will try to manipulate Cynthia and the rift between them.  “I’m sure Cynthia is going to say and do whatever she can do and I’m okay with that. I’m truly okay with it. As people have said over the years that Cynthia was my lap dog, which she never was my lap dog and that’s the honest God’s truth. But I can see her being someone else’s lap dog. She doesn’t seem to have a backbone.”

Andy says he felt the friendship between Cynthia and NeNe was a sincere one.  “It was as far as I was concerned.  I don’t know, according to her now saying that she has a better relationship with her husband.  That’s so ridiculous.  My husband and I have always had a good relationship.” 

The next caller asks if NeNe feels like all of her “broadcasting” about her projects makes her seem arrogant to the other girls.  “I’m sure they feel some kind of way about me but an accomplishment is an accomplishment and I’m on Broadway honey and that’s something to be proud of.”

He reads a Tweet from another person who says that she seems to feel she’s superior over the other Housewives – so why bother to stay on the show?  “Maybe I won’t stay on the Atlanta Housewives.  you’ll have to wait and see about that as well.” 

Andy “there was speculation after the last reunion that you didn’t want to be on anymore.”  NeNe says “This is very true.  I’m very over all the drama.  I’m very over all the negativity, It is very negative and I don’t want to be in a negative space every single time I go to work, so I must say when I talk about growth, I have grown. No matter what I have done in the past, I honestly do not want to get up every day and sit with a bunch of negative women that are bitching over nothing.”

A caller asks if she could back and have a do-over if she would’ve still called Peter a bitch since it caused so much fallout with Cynthia. “I don’t think that was the reason for the fallout between Cynthia and i. We went about our lives, we hung out, I went to her daughter’s birthday party.  I hung out for her birthday in New York. We rang in New Years together in Vegas. I think once the Twitterverse started speaking about me saying it, she decided ‘I need to say something’ but Cynthia and I were cool, we still talked on the phone. Nothing changed and it was all a big lie in the first place so keep watching the season so you can hear more about it.”  She says she’s very true to who she is so she wouldn’t change saying that to Peter and feels it had nothing to do with her and Cynthia no longer being friends.  She thinks it was something else and all “part of the master plan.”

On the after show a caller says it seems like the other Housewives aren’t happy for NeNe’s projects and are trying to dethrone her.  She says “I definitely think they try to dethrone me but it’ll never happen.”   NeNe made it very clear that she gets NO SUPPORT from any of the Atlanta Housewives in anything she does.

She also shared that rehearsing for Broadway has been very very hard and she hopes she can do it justice. 

NeNe says health-wise she’s doing great.  She doesn’t have any blood clots and she takes medicine every day and is doing really well. 


Photo Credit: Twitter