Melissa Gorga Goes Under The Knife For A New Boob Job!

Melissa Gorga gets a new boob job

Melissa Gorga is doing some regular Real Housewives maintenance – updating the old boob job!

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star recently got glam to go under the knife and replace her aging implants after 13 years. Melissa posted a photo on instagram asking fans to wish her luck for the procedure, which she claims was doctor mandated. 


“Wish me luck! Following the Dr’s orders… After 13 years they say it’s always best to switch out your breast implants 🙂 so here we go… I know i’m in good hands with @drfiorillo #gummybears,” Melissa shared on instagram (above.). 

Melissa and Joe Gorga vacation in St. Thomas

Just in case you forgot what Melissa’s old boobs looked like… [Instagram]

While Melissa was praying to Jesus to fix it, I’m sure Poison Gorga was saying a little “Thank You Jesus” for his wife’s new fun bags. Ugh – can’t believe I just typed that (fix me Jesus!). Melissa is no stranger to plastic surgery – there’s been speculation for years about whether or not she’s had a nose job (she denies it). 

I wonder if this is being filmed for RHONJ – rumor has it the show is quietly in production again while Bravo tests new cast members and plans for Teresa’s release from prison


Meanwhile in some terribly unfortunate and heartbreaking news, Melissa’s (former?) co-star Amber Marchese just revealed that her breast cancer has returned

Melissa obviously recovered from her re-boob job because she posted a follow-up photo on instagram of herself at her new-old re-owned home enjoying a cup of tea. If you’re hoping for a shot of the new boobs, they haven’t been revealed yet – sorry! 

[Photo Credit: Instagram]