NeNe Leakes breakdown at RHOA reunion

NeNe Leakes wants you to know her breakTHROUGH at the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion was no publicity stunt it was the real-deal and haters can be gone. 

“I always like to be true to myself and speak from my heart and I hope that you will feel me and that I don’t offend you. My exterior may come off tough to some but my heart is made of pure gold! I have overcome and conquered things that would have broken the average person,” NeNe begins.

And because of all of this, NeNe’s breakdown was genuine. “My breakdown didn’t just come out of no where like some would like for you to think!”


NeNe wants to be commended for her bravery for being so honest in front of her haters. “I need you to understand what it took for me to put myself on display for all to see and how vulnerable I felt in that moment. It took courage and strength for me to drop my walls in front of women who had said the most ugliest things about me all season! Women who I feel honestly wanted to hurt me! Women who were 100% against me,” she rails in her final blog of season 7. “Women who has shown me zero support. Women who has shown the utmost hate for me.” 

“Honestly I never wanted to cry or feel vulnerable in front of people who don’t like me! (I’m crying as I write this) I understand that forgiveness is powerful which is why I wanted to let my walls down,” NeNe continues. “I am not an abandoned woman! I am not a victim! I love my mother with every inch of me and I’m sure she wanted more for me than she could offer at the time! I didn’t understand that as a young girl but I understand that as a mother today!”

Following the reunion NeNe hoped her breakdown could forge new relationships with the ladies, but alas it wasn’t so! “I reached out to the majority of the ladies after the reunion to thank them for their support & kindness that day because they seemed to show support during my breakdown,” she writes. “But I find it hard to believe that some of their intentions were genuine and sincere!”

“Certainly after something so serious some have continued with the nasty negativity in the press and on social media. Which makes it hard for me to trust or have any relationship with them,” NeNe adds. “Moving forward for me doesn’t mean having a friendship It just means that I’m past the bullshit & some people need the bullshit to survive on this show. I don’t!”

Reiterating her thanks to SOME of the women, NeNe praises them again. “Cynthia We had our little chat that day and we have texted since then but again thank you! Claudia Thank you for keeping your word after we spoke.”

Phaedra and Porsha you guys have been just amazing all season long and you continue to be,” lavishes NeNe. “Thanks to all of you who have tuned into the show season after season and supported me since day one and never wavered.” Kandi and Kenya obviously don’t get a thank you

NeNe doesn’t stop at thanking her co-stars for their support, she thanks all of us. And all the famous people who love her. And she vows to help other daughters without moms like herself. Does that include Kenya? Someone needs to help her. Although NeNe’s charitable endeavors seem to be ALL talk and no action (or honesty). 

“I’ve received calls from celebrities, fellow Housewives from other franchises, producers, directors, past and current co-workers, fans, friends, family and strangers!” NeNe announced on her website. “The outpouring of support I’ve gotten has been nothing short of amazing!” I wonder if her new business partner Kim K reached out?

“I hope through my strength and pain that I have helped others to let go of things that have kept them bound,” NeNe gushes. “I hope in the future to help other ‘Daughters without Moms.’” Charity starts at home. So does humility. Remember the last time NeNe tried to save daughters… 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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