Kenya Moore Slams Everyone On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Janet Hubert Suing Kenya Over Non-Payment For ‘Life Twirls On’

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Aaahhh… Kenya Moore, nothing is ever her fault and everyone else is trying to destroy her. Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s no. 2  victim (second to NeNe Leakes) is slamming her co-stars and also defending herself against Janet Hubert, who filed a lawsuit against Kenya for non-payment of her work in Life Twirls On.

Speaking of NeNe’s recent complaints that unmarried Housewives should be fired, Kenya takes issue with the “shaming” that happens on RHOA. Of course, she never shames anyone, she’s just the victim of undeserved shaming. “These girls on this show – they want to call people delusional but they are the most delusional,” laments Kenya. “They feel as though because they have a husband they are in a better position than single women.”

“You can walk down the street, or go to a prison yard and find a man willing to marry you. I think it’s a bad message to send to the beautiful Black women out there,” adds Kenya. “Anyone can be married, it’s who you choose to marry.”


Of course, Kenya is referring to Phaedra Parks, whom she insists is obsessed with her. “I think Phaedra has never moved on,” says Kenya. “Phaedra is stuck and she doesn’t want to forgive, though she made it seem that way.”

“When the reunion came around, we were talking casually about everything that happened and I think I was pretty open and honest and she called me a ‘whore’ again,” laments Kenya. “I’ve fought for two years to clear my name.” 

Kenya also insists she’s not a flirt, she’s just “naturally playful” and there is never any sneaky intent unless he’s an African Prince.  ” I think if you were trying to do something sneaky you would do it behind everyone’s back. I think if she really believed that I was truly flirting with him, she wouldn’t have gone on to continue be friends with me — which she did. She wouldn’t have gone to business with me — which she did.” 

Moving on to someone who DID flirt with a married man (according to Kenya): NeNe. Kenya says because NeNe is unattractive the women didn’t care if she flirts with their men. Yeah, cause that’s not at ALL SHAMING Kenya, just like it’s OK to call Porsha Williams a whore based on unsubstantiated facts yet be crying victim for years that you’re not a whore. Again, NOT shaming. Anyhoodle, twirling on… 

We all saw [NeNe] flirting – talking about how chocolate he was and how fine he was. “Clearly everybody watched that and just the way people can say I flirted with Apollo, she flirted with Peter,” asserts Kenya. “The difference is she’s not a threat to anybody. She’s not a woman, who other women – if she walked into a room — would hold onto their husbands.” 

“That’s why no one made such a big issue of it. Maybe it didn’t go quite as far as the incidents that happened with Apollo, but clearly she was flirting,” Kenya insists. “My point was…people flirt it doesn’t mean they’re trying to sleep with you. It doesn’t make you a whore. It’s innocent flirting.” 

Kenya also says Porsha showed her “true colors” when she refused to apologize over last year’s reunion brawl. “That was expected,” she quipped. “I think she is who she is.” 

As for Kenya’s personal life she is still with James who she met on Millionaire Matchmaker but she’s keeping their relationship out of the public eye for now. “Even though I know we met on reality TV, I feel like I need to guard that situation. I don’t need to live it in public, I don’t need to tell people or post pictures on Instagram,” Kenya explains. “I just want to enjoy where I am right now.” 

Switching gears to ALLEGED innocent non-payment, Janet Hubert who was hired to play Kenya’s aunt on Life Twirls On recently put Krayonce on blast on her personal Facebook page. Janet chastised Kenya for “theft of one’s art” and argued that her reputation and name cannot be rebuilt, which is why she is taking legal action against Kenya. 

“I have filed criminal fraud charges against Kenya Moore for falsifying official time sheets, and signing them in my name,” Janet announced in a post. “If you come at ME, I Will… meet you at the door. You can steal my money, art, you can steal my image… but I draw the line in the sand with stealing my identity. Ms. Moore may live in the Reality Realm, but some of us live in the real world. There are reactions to every action, and for a criminal action, this is my only recourse.” 

Janet said she chose to announce the suit on Facebook so “the media cannot spin anymore wicked webs.” Janet has previously communicated via YouTube that Kenya failed to pay her for her participation in Life Twirls On. Kenya just released the trailer for the sitcom and continues to insist it will be appearing on a network soon, but has failed to provide additional information. 

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Kenya told HelloBeautiful that Janet’s claims were baseless and “false.” She continued, “I don’t fight legal battles on social media. Everyone in my production was paid.” 



[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]