RHOA Season 7 Reunion

I don’t know about you but I consider this season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion to be basically an extension of last season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, albeit without anyone’s clip-in hair pieces being used to mop the stage floor. 

Porsha Williams explains there “wasn’t a lot of screaming and yelling” during the reunion because the women just “wanted to be heard” and “clear up whatever the misunderstandings were” – although there also wasn’t a lot of progress made! 

“People were definitely upset last year and lashed out with anger. This year I feel like people were very emotional. It was really similar to the therapy session,” Porsha describes. Although Porsha isn’t really in the business of clearing up any of her shade – in fact she stands by accusing Peter Thomas of cheating (why would she? No shade), and her refusal to apologize to Kenya Moore over last season’s fight. 


Kenya has a tendency to try to go below the belt and she has a tendency to use these causes to help her in her evil doings,” Porsha complains. She is especially disappointed that Kenya brought her family into the drama. “She was being very disrespectful so I was not going to allow that…”

As for Peter,  “I don’t think anybody wants to admit their wrongs on national television and that’s what happened with Peter,” Porsha snips. Yikes!

Another misunderstanding not cleared-up was Porsha’s alleged relationship with a married African prince, which she denies ever happened and feels it’s part of a slander campaign by Claudia Jordan and Kenya. Claudia did say Porsha could sue her… I mean NeNe Leakes already threatened to sue Claudia over her mouth! 

Kenya and Claudia and Cynthia [Bailey] made it their business to repeat that the entire season,” Porsha details to OK! Magazine. “Kenya has been known to be in relationships with married African men and receive gifts from them and here I am doing well on my own after my divorce. It’s what women do. They reflect what’s negative about them onto someone else and decide whoever can scream the loudest, if we all gang up, maybe we can get people to believe it. So that was them trying to assassinate my character.”

Porsha was also not surprised that NeNe and Kandi Burruss argued – she blames Kandi’s behind-the-back shade for the drama. “I knew that NeNe was going to have to address some things and Kandi was going to have to explain how she felt. And sometimes they can make people upset so it was not shocking,” reflects Porsha. “I feel like Kandi said a lot of things in her interviews throughout the season. The reunion is the time where you address it.” 

And address it Kandi continues to do! “NeNe made herself the victim this year, like, ‘Oh, Kandi is hating on me,'” the star of Kandi’s Ski Trip believes. 

And Kandi is still suspect about the authenticity of NeNe’s friendship with Phaedra. “Every year NeNe and I have had some type of words exchanged, whether it’s on the show or off the show,” Kandi tells People. “We’ve never really had a great relationship until her and Cynthia stopped being friends, then it was cool to be okay with me and Phaedra. So, for me, it’s like, she’s never really been our friend, so why are you talking about me to her?”

Kandi calls Phaedra’s accusations that she never reached out a “flat out lie” and says the friends were close until the RHOA cameras started rolling. “I could name you every event, trips we took, all last year up until the season started taping and when the season started taping, we were together every couple days.”  

“So at what point did you and I go months without talking? Or are you throwing me under the bus for getting more sympathy votes? What is going on here?!” Kandi wonders. 

Kandi insists she has always been there for Phaedra, and remains hurt and confused by the status of their friendship. Phaedra said they are fine and Kandi is her friend, but Kandi doesn’t feel so secure. “I just left the reunion not really knowing where we stood for real. This whole season has put a weird little taste in my mouth about our friendship,” Kandi admits to E! News

“When [Phaedra] expressed she was having issues, she never expressed them to me. I had to watch the show later on—months later—after taping to see that she was expressing these feelings to other people…If she was feeling that way, why didn’t she ever say anything to me,” reveals Kandi

Well this makes me sad – I always loved Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship and it seemed so sincere. I imagine it has something to do with Apollo, but I hope they work it out. As much as I sometimes enjoy NeNe’s wit on RHOA, I definitely wouldn’t trust her as a friend and it disappoints me that Phaedra would ditch Kandi instead of trying to work through things. As far as Porsha is concerned, I am unbothered. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]