Eileen Davidson Reacts To Brandi Glanville Throwing Wine In Her Face

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Eileen Davidson was initiated into the cult of Housewives and found the hazing worse than what she’s had to endure on Days Of Our Lives. It turns out some people – ahem Brandi Glanville – take their fangirl stalker status a lot too far – or maybe they’re just hella passive aggressive. Eileen can’t decide. 

“I think you can tell I didn’t know how to handle it when it happened. First of all, I didn’t hear Brandi say she was going to throw the wine in my face, so it came as a complete surprise. But even if I had heard, I’m sure I wouldn’t have believed she’d actually do it,” the new Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star admits.

Eileen is candid that she cried in reaction. “I laughed at first, and then I teared up. OK, I cried.” She explains, “It was so bizarre and felt like such an attack coming from a woman (not a little girl, BTW who needs a timeout, a spanking, or whatever) that I barely knew. And then I was left to wonder, to what end? I seem to ask myself that question a lot where Brandi’s concerned.”


Personally I thought Eileen handled it with a lot of restraint and dignity. I would have lost my ish on that crazy – and I would have snatched both the $40 she threw at me and that rancid weave Brandi’s live-in stylist claims passes for hair. Or I would have cried – I wouldn’t know since it’s never happened to me! 

Unfortunately Eileen is still perplexed about Brandi’s motivation for the wine assault – is this going to become a new Housewives theme? I mean Tamra Barney did it, then Ramona Singer, now Brandi… ladies do not waste the spirits that guide your lives – you rely on it too much!

“She threw the wine because she’s a fan? I’ve interacted with literally thousands of fans over the years, and none of them have ever done that to me. Or was the toss more about how my husband and I met? I’m still not sure,” ponders Eileen. “I’m confused. Brandi told us all at the time that it was because she is a Days fan, yet during her interview, she said it was also about my husband and me?”

“For someone who doesn’t want to be judged and just wants people to move on with their lives, she seems to be a little lacking in both areas,” Eileen continues. “I accepted her apology later at Yolanda’s, but I just can’t trust her. How can I when I don’t understand what motivates her behavior? I have my hunches. That said, I have nothing else to add about Brandi in regard to Yo’s party. She says it all herself.”

Moving on to Brandi’s other offense: her behavior at Yolanda Foster‘s dinner party. “Yolanda’s home is so gorgeous and amazing! She and David are wonderful hosts, and Babyface is so incredibly talented,” Eileen reflects. “It ended up being such a fun and fabulous evening, wellllll…except for the singalong at the end.” 

I think we all know what’s coming… ugh – I cannot believe I even have to discuss this! “When Vincent and I watched it, we both cringed a little and not just about the ‘finger banging’ part. We do love our lives. We are grateful that we have so many blessings,” Eileen writes. “However, even though it was an impromptu thing, it made us both feel a little uncomfortable watching all of us gathered together singing ‘I Love My Life.’ Catholic guilt, maybe?”

Finally Eileen discusses how she feels about a possible friendship with Brandi in general, and Eileen infers she is learning from others’ mistakes. “I know what has happened in regard to Lisa V. and all the other women,” Eileen says. “But I’ve been trying to get to know these women based on my own experiences with them and not on what other people have said or how last year’s shows went.”

“I keep hearing ‘the truth lies somewhere in between’ in my head, and yet giving people the benefit of the doubt is becoming more of a challenge each day,” Eileen concludes. Well, many have given Brandi the benefit of the doubt, and the only thing they’re left with is doubting their own good judgement. Tread carefully, Eileen, tread carefully – come armed. Might we introduce you to Phaedra Sparks?


 [Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com]