Criminal Domestic Violence Charges Against Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Are Dropped!


Jenelle Evans seems to confuse the court system with a fast-food restaurant – in, out, and back next week. Just a week after she was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence for assaulting her ex-finacé Nathan Griffith, the charges have been dropped. 

Neither Jenelle or Nathan appeared at the Myrtle Beach courthouse yesterday and both were represented by their attorneys who campaigned, successfully, to have the charges related to their May 27th altercation dismissed. 

Nathan and Jenelle became entangled in a messy, physical argument after returning from a trip to New York City together. Jenelle assumed they’d be rekindling their romance, but Nathan told her he started dating someone new and pressed charges against the Teen Mom 2 star, who then turned herself into police the following day. 


Of the dismissed charges, Jenelle’s attorney Amy Lawrence tells WBTWNews13 that expungement papers have already been signed and Jenelle is “ready to move forward.” She added that Jenelle will be graduating from Miller-Motte Technical College in two weeks and is excited to begin her career in the medical field. 

As for what happened that ill-fated night, Jenelle tells Mr. Real Housewife she went to Nathan’s house to pick up Kaiser and Nathan “grabbed” her phone. “He wouldn’t give it back. So we wrestled for my phone and then he went inside and locked himself in his apartment. And I was like, ‘Can you just give me my phone and my son?’ And he wouldn’t open the door, so I ended up leaving. And then after I left he went to the police station and pressed charges on me and said I attacked him.”

As for Nathan’s change of heart, Jenelle was confused because “not even 24 hours afterwards he wanted those charges dropped” and told the judge the same thing. Nathan did not appear in court yesterday to submit testimony about the altercation. 

Jenelle initially accused Nathan of attempting to run her over with his truck, an incident supposedly witnessed by neighbors. She had planned to press charges but changed her mind, likely when Nathan agreed not to pursue the charges he filed against her. 

Additionally Jenelle confirmed reports that Teen Mom 2 cameras were present to capture her latest sojourn to the courts. “They (MTV) came down whenever they found out that I had a warrant. They weren’t there for what happened between me and Nathan, though.”

The trailer for TM2 season 6 just showcased another of Jenelle and Nathan’s fights and arrests. How fun! 

The root of their issue is custody of Kaiser, now almost 1. Jenelle reveals that she and Nathan “don’t speak to each other” and although Nathan told police he wanted a restraining order, he never followed-through with that plan either, so there is “not a no contact order in place.” I see a trend here people!

“We only speak to each other if we’re exchanging Kaiser,” Jenelle explains. Denying reports that her son is primarily in Nathan’s care, Jenelle specifies, “We take turns with Kaiser.” The two are due to work out a formal custody agreement if they can ever get off twitter. 

Jenelle adds that this was the final straw with Nathan and she won’t be trying to make their relationship work again. Something her mother Barbara Evans fully supports. “She’s glad me and Nathan are split up of course. She just wants me to focus on what I’m doing.” Unfortunately with all the drama, Jenelle also admits that her relationship with Barb is seriously strained. “We don’t speak that much unless it’s about picking up Jace and stuff like that.” 

But Jenelle insists that this time she really, truly has learned her lesson! Like for realz, y’all! “I think I just learned to actually just stay focused on what is the most important thing in my life right now, which is my future and my goal which is to graduate and to be able to support my kids after this whole MTV thing goes away,” she rambles. “I want to work in the medical field really badly.”

The medical field… Hopefully has Jenelle found a passion besides loser men, unplanned pregnancies, drugs and partying, mugshot taking, assault and battery, and tussles with the law! Although really, would you trust Jenelle with your health?!


[Photo Credit: MTV]