Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee Wants You To Pay For Her Boob Job; Jenelle Evans Back With Nathan? Plus, Tyler Baltierra Is An Expert On Catelynn Lowell’s Weight!

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Aaaaahhh… the Teen Mom chronicles 1 through 3, and even OG! Starting with Teen Mom 3 – Mackenzie McKee wants a boob job and thinks you lovely people should help her buy some! 

After Mackenzie got temporarily dumped by her hubby Josh McKee (the two are now back together and working out constantly) the former MTV star started pursuing her divorce makeover! Of course, now she’s pursuing the my hot husband needs me to have a nice rack makeover, except she wants us to pay for it! My Magic Hate Ball says: #NotLikely


Mackenzie McKee boob job

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Mac, a fitness fanatic who is on path to become a personal trainer and fitness model, once defended her small boobs. “Yes I’m a health and fitness freak, yes I have a flat chest whether I work out or not, even when I breast fed and through two pregnancies they continued to be flat, it’s something called genes… ” she said on instagram. “And yes … Wait for it…… MY HUSBAND LOVES MY FLAT CHEST …So yes ladies and gents that’s all that matters. love the body God gave you and make the absolute best of it.” 

Now Mackenzie wants to start competing in fitness and bikini competitions and what God gave her isn’t so lovable anymore! She thinks upgrading to a “full C” will make her body “more proportionate” and has turned to MyFreeImplants.com to achieve her goal. According to TMZ Mackenzie already has Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Neal Handel on retainer to perform the boob job, but so-far she’s only raised $20 of her $5k implant goal. You might think Mackenzie would start a fund to send her kids to college instead… but I suppose MTV already did that for her. Hey – maybe fellow-Teen Mom Farrah Abraham could help a sister out!

Moving on – or should I say NOT moving on, Jenelle Evans may be getting back together with abusive ex-fiance Nathan Griffith! 

The Teen Mom 2 star dished on the status of her relationship with Nathan, who was arrested for domestic violence after Jenelle reportedly cheated on him. Even though they’re no longer engaged, Jenelle believes they still have a future together in prison. “We’re on the rocks right now of course, but I mean, we’re always up and down so we’ll see what happens,” Jenelle told OK Magazine. “I really think that Nathan, he might want to work things out. I’m not sure, he’s always wishy washy.”

Jenelle Evans regaining custody of Jace - finally?!

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In the meantime, Jenelle says she’s not dating and is  “doing my own thing” while she decides whether or not to give Nathan a trillionth chance. And part of that doing her includes – allegedly – regaining custody of Jace from her mom Barb Evans. “We’re actually in the process of that right now,” Jenelle insisted (for the trillionth time). “So we’ll see where that leads us because I have no idea.” That will lead to …. Jace remaining with Barbara, and Barbara eventually ending up with Kaiser too once Jenelle latches onto a new relationship with the next loser of the month. Is that like a dating website I haven’t heard of yet?

And finally, Tyler Baltierra, the self-proclaimed expert of everything, thinks it’s acceptable to comment on his future-wife’s weight! Catelynn Lowell, who gave birth to their daughter Nova only 5 months ago (and is nursing), has been facing criticism from Tyler over not losing the baby weight in time for their upcoming nuptials. What – is he gonna call them off again?! 

On last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler complained about Catelynn’s eating habits post-Nova and how she’s stopped focusing on working out – uhhhhhh maybe because she has an INFANT to care for?! “Before Nova, Cate would never finish a plate,” Tyler whined at a family dinner, then asked her when she was planning to get back to the gym. Afterwards a hurt Catelynn revealed she’d joined Weight Watchers to appease “horrible” Tyler. He defended his actions, however, and insisted he was just trying to support Catelynn in being happy with her body. #YeahRight. 

Tyler, of course, immediately hopped on twitter, which exists solely as his mouthpiece, and continued defend himself. Tyler insisted he was just trying to support Catelynn but is bad at communication because apparently his time on Couples Therapy didn’t help him or something. 


Catelynn Lowell gets weight criticism from Tyler Baliterra

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“My intention is to never hurt @CatelynnLowell I love her dearly & am just trying to support her through a sensitive subject #TeenMomOG,” Tyler said“It’s hard for a guy to talk to his girl about weight. It’s sensitive & I sincerely do my best to try & honor that.”


“Remember your watching a half hour convo cut down to 3 minutes. Cate desired to lose. I was just trying to support,” Tyler added. “I SUCK at saying the right things.I can be too blunt sometimes I’m just trying to support her by being honest. I just get too blunt sometimes! As you can see I can be too harsh with my words lol but I try” 

Catelynn didn’t say anything to defend Tyler, but she did comment on the situation, tweeting: “The joys of being on a TV show! Ughhhh… awkward…. ” Yeah, Catelynn is such a lucky girl to find such a supportive man like Tyler. 


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