Photos – Little Women: LA Season 3 Cast Includes Two Newbies! Meet Jasmine And Freakabritt, Aka Brittney Guzman

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If you were wondering how long you’d have to wait for a new season of Little Women: LA, wonder no longer!  The show returns next month already!  And in a double dose, as Terra’s Little Family kicks off another season at the same time!  Lifetime is mixing things up with the Little Women: LA season 3 cast, adding two new ladies to the series – Jasmine and “Freakabritt,” aka Brittney Guzman

The cast shot new promo pics and have shared several on social media, letting the cat out of the bag that there are two new cast members.  It also would appear that Traci Harrison is stepping back a little.   She’s not featured in the main cast photos/promos, but she’s been included at some of the events they’ve filmed, according to the Instagram of her fellow co-stars.  Maybe this is Lifetime’s version of “friend of” instead of “full time member.” 

New member “Freakabritt,” aka Brittney Guzman, is a dancer who regularly performs with Miley Cyrus.  We’re going to guess this is her connection to Terra Jole on the show since Terra also danced with Miley.  Late last month Brittney let her fans know that she had officially signed on to the reality show. 


Brittney is not the dancer who griped about the way she was treated by Miley after the controversial VMA performance.  That was dancer Hollis Jane.  In fact “Freakabritt” defended Miley in an interview, saying  “When she grabs my boobs, we’re just having fun. It’s not degrading.  After shows, “sometimes she’ll touch my boob, and she’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I just wanted to grab it’…Or she’ll be like, ‘Next time I’m going to grab your ass…’cause Brittney has the biggest booty.’ ”

We don’t know much about Jasmine yet, aside from the short blurb about her in the show’s official synopsis for season 3.     “A new season of “Little Women: LA” brings new faces to this close-knit crew. Gossip girl Brittney arrives with dirt on everyone while Jasmine, an Orange County mom, surrounds herself with men of average size, including her son. As Terra and Joe go through the trials and tribulations of being first-time parents, Christy struggles to have a child while Tonya tries to find love with the right man. But, through thick and thin, nothing can keep these little ladies apart.”

Twelve episodes are expected for season 3.  Both Little Women: LA and Terra’s Little Family will premiere on July 29th at 9/8c and 10/9c. 

I have to wonder if reality TV was just not for Traci.  She and her husband Eric were trying hard to have a baby, so maybe they decided to step back and focus on their family   this season without cameras in their faces. Other than that, everyone is back – Christy McGinty, Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, and Briana Manson

 Check out the photos of the filming and promo shots below. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/Lifetime