Joyce Giraud Says It’s Karma That Brandi Glanville Was Fired From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills! Is She Filming Something With Lisa Vanderpump?!

Joyce Giraud has lunch at Il Pastaio

Joyce Giraud had a terrible time on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, for which she lasted only one season, namely because of drama with Brandi Glanville. While I thought Joyce was a great addition to the show, the powers that be apparently thought Brandi was better, but have since seen the error of their ways.

Brandi was sent packing for being just a little too Planet Trash-y, and although Brandi insists she wasn’t fired (just demoted), we all know that’s some BS. #TRUTHCANNON Joyce commented on Brandi’s exit from the show on twitter and didn’t seem shocked to learn Brandi had burned all the bridges to Beverly Hills and was now stranded in the Valley for all eternity. Well, I mean, maybe – it seems like the Valley may be rejecting her too


When a twitter follower commented that while everyone was making excuses for Brandi’s awful behavior way back when in season 4 (remember a time when Brandi was RHOBH’s darling), Joyce always saw through her BS and was “appalled by her.” Joyce responded, “The truth always comes out. Sometimes in life you just have to sit back and let #karma take care if.” 

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Chiming in was Lisa Vanderpump, who apparently ain’t scared of what ole loose lips Brandi is planning to spill in her Howard Stern tell-all interview next week. Lisa accepted that she was one of those who fell prey to believing Brandi was a good person.

“Yep I am guilty of that too…,” Lisa admitted on twitter. Lisa and Joyce have since become friends and still socialize off the show. When a twitter user asked if Joyce would ever return to RHOBH, she said no. “Only way would be if my @LisaVanderpump ever needed back up. otherwise NOOOOO LOL XO”

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“You are too funny,” Lisa replied, “See you tomorrow night.” Hmmm… now that we know season 6 is filming, is Joyce returning as a ‘Friend’?

Since leaving RHOBH, Joyce has gone on to find success producing her own Latina version of Real Housewives. 


[Photo Credit: WENN]