“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 and “Vanderpump Rules” season 2 Cross-over premiere

Joyce Giraud and Brandi Glanville do. not. like each other. According to Joyce the two initially started off friendly-ish but then Brandi began stirring the pot and manipulating behind the scenes by using Joyce as the scapegoat. 

In a sit-down with The Gina Show, Joyce reveals what moments she feels led up to all the drama with Brandi on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

First of all, Joyce says she had no intention of fighting with Brandi in interviews and on blogs while the show was airing. "When filming ended we were all in a better place and then after that she just started attacking again on social media," Joyce recounts, "which I think is crazy."

"I understand the dynamic of the show, and that it's dramatic and all of that," Joyce clarifies. For Joyce this season and filming with Brandi was a surreal experience with a lot of learning moments. "I've never dealt with behavior like hers before – it's just something that I wasn't used to," she explains. 

Joyce also insists that the two started off getting along, but since all roads lead back to Richards their fighting started with Kyle and Kim.  


"At the beginning she was really nice about everything," Joyce recounts. "Everything erupted when we were one day filming and she suddenly starts talking bad about Kyle [Richards] and Kim [Richards] on camera – a lot of things don't make it [on the show], you know – and she [Brandi] tells me, 'Be careful with those Richards sisters because they have no friends. I've never met a girlfriend of theirs.'"

Joyce had just finished filming 'The Bee Lunch' at Kyle's house with her friend Sharon. And told Brandi, "'Well that's not true because I was just filming with her [Kyle’s] friend Sharon yesterday.' Which that you've seen on camera – the luncheon." Joyce says she went on to describe Sharon and Kyle as being friends for a long time. 

Brandi supposedly responded, "'Well I've never heard of her… Maybe she pays her like she pays her twitter followers.'" Which was the first red flag for Joyce. "I was like 'What?! How can you say such a mean thing?' And I told her this on camera. So I called her out on this on camera," Joyce relays.

Brandi's rebutted, "God – don't be jumping to defend them – you don't even know them.' And I said, 'I know enough to know that you're being mean right now.'" 

Unfortunately for us, we'll never see the origins of the feud. "All of this happened on camera. Of course, it didn't make it to the final cut – I wish it would've!" says an exasperated Joyce

"Then after that happened, the whole Lisa [Vanderpump] incident [happened]," Joyce continues. If you recall while they were filming a lunch at Carlton Gebbia's Joyce and Lisa got into it over hair, which was also not show. Joyce later confronted Lisa after circus school – something she claims she had no intention of doing, except… a little botox bee put a buzz in everyone's ear!

"She [Brandi] called me after the Lisa incident – the whole 'Hair-gate' thing that got blown out of proportion – to tell me, 'Listen I feel really bad for what happened today, you're such a sweet girl, I feel really bad for you, just be careful with Lisa: she can give criticism but she can't take it…' And I cut her off on it."

"I said, 'Listen Brandi, I don't understand what you're doing because you're always talking bad about the other girls. I like you and watching you as an audience member I really liked you. I thought you were just an honest, cool girl and I liked that about you. But, I'm seeing a whole different side of you because a couple days ago you were talking crap about Kyle and Kim and now you're calling me to talk bad about your best friend. And she was like, 'I'm just calling to warn you to be careful with her because that's just the type of person she is.'"

Joyce says she asked Brandi to please not bring this up on camera. "Because I thought it was a very silly and stupid incident. Was she [Lisa] rude to me? Yes, but like I told you before – maybe she was having a bad day."

According to Joyce instead of respecting her wishes, Brandi exacerbated the situation by dragging Yolanda Foster into it. "She called Yolanda," Joyce says, "and told Yolanda to bring it up on camera!" Yolanda apparently hosted a luncheon, which viewers did not see and Lisa did not attend. During that luncheon the hair situation was originally broached with Joyce, who claims she reiterated that she did not want to discuss it with Lisa. 

"We are at a lunch on camera, and Yolanda brings it up! It took her three attempts to get it out of my mouth because I just did not want to talk about it. I was like, 'Why are you doing this? It was silly – why are you doing this?' And she was like 'OK guys – cut! Lisa was rude and you need to talk about it.'"

That is what led up to Joyce and Lisa having the hair flip-a-thon after circus school. Joyce says it was a shocking and eye-opening moment for her.

Joyce felt forced to admit to Lisa that the drama originated with Brandi to try and nip the situation in the bud. "After that I had to tell Lisa because I'm not gonna have Lisa find out on camera six months down the road that I was talking about her with Yolanda and I didn't tell her to her face. That's just not me – I'm not a hypocrite."

"So I went to Lisa to tell her – and of course, it looks like I'm just repeating it a million times! It looks so silly and dramatic; I hated it. Had they shown Yolanda's lunch the audience would have understood it and where I was coming from, but they didn't show Yolanda's lunch." Aaaahhh… the old editing cry! 

After that moment Joyce realized Brandi was manipulative and vicious so she stopped trusting her. 

"I have sympathy for a person in a depression," Joyce insists. "But she's out partying the whole time, she is a bestselling author, she is a beautiful, beautiful woman, she has two gorgeous kids that give her all the love in the world, she claims to have amazing friends…  How bad is life? Stop complaining! For Brandi to claim, 'I'm mean because I'm in a bad space.' – I have no sympathy for that." 

Joyce is sad that viewers haven't seen "the other side" of her except arguing with Brandi. She reminds us she has a lot going on including filming the show Siberia, her pageant, her children and family, and she is hopeful subsequent episodes will get away from the bickering and focus more on those elements. "I just don't devote my energy to Brandi," Joyce laughs. "I haven't lost a night of sleep because of her." 

This is interesting, but I have to say I've had enough of Joyce vs. Brandi. Furthermore, I'm not sure I believe Joyce is totally as innocent as she says, but I do believe Brandi was exactly as nefarious as Joyce attests! 

Unfortunately there's more arguing this tonight when the group comes together at Lisa's for a charity fashion party. In other drama Kim accuses Lisa of lying to skip her daughter's graduation party and Lisa argues that she was on a business trip and got back too late to attend. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode so make sure to join us. Bring wine. 

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