Shannon Beador Believes Meghan King Edmonds Used Her For A Storyline

Shannon Beador

Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Meghan King Edmonds and fan favorite Shannon Beador are off to a rough start. In her blog, Shannon shared her thoughts on the drama with Meghan and her date night with Vicki Gunvalson.

Shannon reminded us that we only see a snippet of what is filmed and filled us in on what wasn’t shown. “We all had a fun day together in Napa and everyone was getting along. On the drive to the Bello’s beautiful home, Meghan and Jim brought up the charity party they were hosting the following week,” she shared. “They both asked me questions about an event I hosted for the same charity some months prior. I answered the questions. I gave them suggestions. It was a given in the conversation that everyone on the bus would be attending the party. In addition, I had received a “Save the Date” email for the charity event.” 


Moving on to this week’s drama, Shannon said, “I am upset that Meghan lied to me about how she got my number. If someone gives your cell phone number out, they either call to ask permission ahead of time or let you know someone you don’t know will be calling you. Neither of those happened.”

Shannon went on to say that she “sensed the manipulation” behind the phone call and knew it would come up at some point during the season. “And it did at the Bello’s party,” she added. “Meghan insinuated that I was uncharitable. Can you say looking for a storyline???  She never needed to call me. Meghan had numerous, qualified JDRF members to answer any questions she had and a qualified caterer in front of her. The only reason to call me was to create an issue with an existing cast member on the show. It was a pre-meditated ambush and I was understandably upset about it.”

I agree with Shannon‘s take on Meghan. Move over, Tamra Judge, there’s a new shit stirrer in Orange County.

Calling out Meghan‘s decision to not invite her to the party, which should have been about ONLY the charity, Shannon shared, “I was floored that Meghan was taking this thing to another level. She had lied to me about how she got my number and gave me her wrong name, and now she is trying to insinuate that I am unstable??? It is completely insulting. I have been involved in at least one charity at all times after I joined National Charity League (NCL) in the 7th grade. That is how I was raised. I have manners. Will end it at that.”

Shannon said she was “shocked” when Vicki chose to spend the evening with her instead of attending Meghan‘s event, adding, “I didn’t want to make things any worse than they were, but I have to admit, I was so touched that my friend was sticking up for me. I also was incredibly humbled to see each cast member express their feelings that I should have been included in the party. They know all the facts and what happened. I am grateful for those friendships.”

“As you all know, I have been going thru a lot in my life,” continued Shannon. “While not being officially invited to Meghan‘s party was absolutely hurtful and humiliating, I have more important things going on in my life that need my attention. I am not going to focus on it or give it any life. I am moving forward.”

Shannon also said she appreciated Heather Dubrow for asking Meghan to reconsider her decision and Lizzie Rovsek for reaching out to her during the party. “It was incredibly surprising to have Tamra, Lizzie, and Christian show up at my ‘date night’ with Vicki to support me,” she added. “A lot has happened since last year, and I am proud to call all of the people above my friends.”

I have to admit that everyone fleeing Meghan‘s boring party to go whoop it up with Shannon and Vicki was my favorite scene so far this season. Fun times.


Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo