Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Claims That Marriage Announcement Via Facebook Was The Result Of A Hacker


Full disclosure, I have started this post umpteen times in the last week, and while I’ve known how I wanted to snark on the forthcoming gossip, I have greatly struggled with the introduction. Truth be told, I am still having a hard time ribbing ol’ T-Rav (never thought I’d say that as he makes it so darn easy!). In my heart, the moment I joke about his social media ineptness (and it’s epic) and don’t mention the tragedy, turmoil, and most magnificently, triumph happening in the great city of Charleston, I have done a disservice to the nine beautiful and inspirational lives lost, the families and community forever changed, and the responsibility we each have–we each OWE–to one another to show support and goodness and love.

Dear readers, I know you come here to unplug from the real world for a few minutes on a lunch break or while waiting in carpool line. I live for it, which is why I am so grateful for the opportunity to blog for this wonderful site! We all need to exchange the struggles and monotony of daily life for the drama, craziness, and five-star entertainment that is “reality” television…ironic, isn’t it? 😉 That said, I love it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. As a sucker for all things Shepstradamus and Cooper Ray, Southern Charm holds a special, ridiculous place in my heart when it comes to recapping. Reading the comments section of any SC post, it’s obvious that so many of you are not just enthralled with the eclectic cast, but you are intrigued and enamored with the beauty of the Holy City. Charleston’s history has always been understandably controversial, but I have been totally transformed over the last few weeks with the realization that it, and we, are learning from our mistakes. Forgive my diatribe, but I couldn’t in good conscience whip up yet another Thomas Ravenel Facebook status post without sharing my thoughts on what will continue to weigh heavily on the hearts of so many.

In hands down the worst segue ever…are T-Rav and Kathryn Dennis tying the knot? I’m sorry…I can’t tie my heartstrings to my sense of humor with any sort of appropriate bow!


The volatile on-again-off-again couple has had their share of ups and downs…and if we weren’t witnessing them first hand on Bravo’s guiltiest pleasure, fans could see them woo then spar then reconcile in any news feed on numerous social media sites. The pair met just a few episodes into the first season, fell into bed, had a pregnancy scare that neither found too scary, and faced the wagging tongues of their cohorts. Determined to make it work despite disapproving friends, swirling rumors and that pesky age difference, the finale episode had Thomas ending his fledgling relationship with Kathryn…only to introduce their beautiful daughter in an added on scene filmed nine months later. 

On hiatus, stories swirled about infidelity and hairdressers and pool mishaps filmed with smartphones, but when the sophomore season premiered, domestic bliss (with a bit of diss) was happening out on Edisto Island. To briefly recap the eleven amazing episodes (I refuse to count that joke of a reunion…shame on you, Andy Cohen), let’s recall that much touted second Christening that gave grand dame Patricia Altschul the vapors (and rightfully so). Kathryn and T-Rav relocated to the peninsula where a candidacy race, and not mileage, distanced them further, and there were some golden, Emmy worthy fights spanning Red Drum, Sermets, and the Yorktown…lest we forget the furry fashion. What was once said real-time news of the night swimming variety reared its ugly head during the season, and the lackluster attempt at a WWHL clubhouse season rehash ended with Thomas threatening to destroy his child’s mother as she accused him of multiple indiscretions. Meanwhile, courtesy of Mark Zuckerburg, the duo passive aggressively vague-booked their grievances, leaving many hopeful romantics to conclude that Thomas and Kathryn were over for good. Caught up yet? 

I feel relatively confident in sharing that TomKat (so much more exciting to watch and deserving of the moniker than the originals, am I right?) is back together…and good for them! They’ve been socializing via social media (more on local folks’ feeds than their own) up and down King Street with the necessary detour to Sullivan’s Island now and again. Recently, the Post & Courier reported that Thomas made quite the announcement on his personal Facebook page (not the first, mind you), in which he expressed, “This may come as a surprise to many but I’m getting married next week to a woman,” alluding the nuptials would occur sans prenup. Not surprisingly, the post was quickly deleted, and T-Rav claimed that someone hijacked his Facebook. The following day he lamented, “Apparently, Someone hacked into my computer. That was odd. I’m still pondering the oddness of it.”

Aren’t we all…aren’t we all. So who pranked T-Rav? My money is on Johnny, Evan, or Jim, although I wouldn’t be totally shocked to learn that Andy Cohen had a master plan involving an explosive third season story line! Regardless, I love the Southern Charm crew as a whole for not succumbing to the typical reality star demise…they own their mistakes (well, kind of, in this case), and they are always willing to laugh at themselves if you’re laughing at with them. Only in Charleston, and I’m really happy to type that.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing your lives with each other and all of us at Reality Tea. Whatever you practice, whether prayer or positive energy or a multitude of good vibes, please continue to lift up this city, as well as all of our collective communities. Spread the word of the amazing families who are reviving our world with their message of love and forgiveness so that the victims’ legacies are not in vain. Most importantly, never forget. Smile at a stranger, talk to the elderly lady down the street, help someone who needs it. Be kind. 

Additionally, please remember that the comments section is a place to share your thoughts on the story–and yes, I mean the hilarious gossip that bourbon someone has been busy hacking T-Rav’s Facebook–and maturely debate any differences of opinion on what was written. I was mindful not to bring into the mix the well-known dinner conversation taboos, so please recognize there isn’t any place for political or religious back and forth here. Thank you in advance! xoxo 🙂 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]