Ramona Singer

Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live guests were Ramona Singer and actor Michael Rapaport, who happens to be a true blue Housewives SUPER fan. 

Andy gives Michael thirty seconds to ask anything he wants.  He asks Andy which Househusband would he like to sleep with (or run laps with, as Michael calls it), he answers with Apollo Nida without missing a beat. On what reunion confrontation he worried about the most, he says Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub at the season 2 Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

First caller asks Ramona if she was sincere in her apology to Luann about throwing her under the bus.  “I was sincere. I woke up in the morning and I was really tired.  It was our last day at the villa, we had been up all night until early in the morning and I just passed the buck to Luann because I didn’t want to deal with Heather.  Heather was just going nuts.  I shouldn’t have done that, it was wrong of me. ”  Michael doesn’t agree.  He says “I had your back on that.  I thought those girls totally overreacted.  You and Luann might have been getting it on.  They were player hating.”  He says they were rabid animals.

Did she have “relations” with the naked guy upstairs?  “No, not at all.”   She cracks off, saying she was weak for not standing up to the ladies and then calls her co-stars “six witches.”

A Twitter fan asks Ramona if the dress she has on is the one she stole from Bethenny.  She says no. 

The next caller asks Ramona when she last spoke to Mario and what he thinks of her juicy new book.  “My ex-husband hasn’t really read the book, he’s just seen some things that have been printed on the internet.  We’re really not speaking.  You know what, it really doesn’t matter what he thinks, he’s my ex-husband and I have a new life.” Andy mentions that they’re not officially divorced yet and she says “just about.”   On the possibility of getting married again, she says maybe. 

Michael shared that sometimes after an episode is over, he stands up and applauds.  He thinks the Real Housewives shows are real entertainment and why the TV was invented.  I love reality TV, but Michael REALLY loves reality TV. 

Another caller asks Ramona if her daughter Avery watches the show and what she thinks about Ramona’s dating situation.  “First of all, I’m not really dating dating.  I’m getting through a marriage, I’m with my friends, I’m navigating.”  She says Avery doesn’t really watch the show because she’s busy with her friends in college.

They played a Ramona Singer speed-dating game and out of three guys she chose David F.  The poll question was “does Ramona have game?” and the results were 90% voting NO.


Photo Credit: Twitter

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