Andy Cohen And NBCMedia Sued By John Karagiorgis Over Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 5 Brawl At Posche!

penny kim d - rhonj season 5 finale, post brawl

Does anyone still care about a brawl that happened on Real Housewives Of New Jersey back when Teresa Giudice was still running around shrieking things like “Prostitution Whore!”?! Yes, they do – John Karagiorgis, aka Johnny The Greek (married to Penny Of Hair-Hell-Extensions), does, to be exact!

Johnny was involved in a bloody brawl at the hands of Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita (her shoe), and Chris Laurita during the season 5 finale party, which took place at Kim DePaola‘s salon, Posche 2. I can’t even recall what the brawl was about but it had something to do with Teresa, Melissa Gorga and her shady past and some rumors, and desperate clinger-ons to the RHONJ franchise (and Bravo cut most of it from the episode anyway).

Well now, allegedly, there is some developing new information about that brawl and Johnny’s case! 


The incident occurred in 2013, and in the following months there were some criminal complaints dismissed leading to Johnny and his wife Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis filing a lawsuit against the Lauritas, and Poison, and RHONJ producers, and Bravo, with Johnny claiming they knew he was going to be attacked and set him up. The case is still on-going.

Hoping to cash in on some publicity In January 2015, Johnny and Penny added Andy Cohen and NBCMedia (the parent company of Bravo) to that lawsuit. Accusing Andy and NBCMedia of participating in “gross negligence” Johnny alleges the network and Andy were complicit in “[preparing] a plan by which cast members were going to verbally confront, physically assault, and/or unlawfully attack John Karagiorgis.”

Johnny and Penny believe the involved cast members collaborated with Andy, producers, and by default Bravo’s parent network to “plan and/or conspiracy to act in concert to humiliate and/or to create a verbal and/or physical altercation with Plaintiffs that could foreseeably result in the injuries that Plaintiffs have suffered.”

Additionally, Johnny claims the network failed to provide medical care for him after his attack (presumably he is now liable for medical bills since he was taken from the scene to the hospital). 

Johnny’s rep tells Radar Online the impetus for additional parties being added to the suit stemmed from his client receiving new information about the the brawl and he promises the truth will come out. “Based on new information, after a thorough investigation, video and sworn statements, any and all additional parties will be exposed and prosecuted.”

Johnny himself stated, “It’s amazing and disgusting what we learned.” Johnny and Penny are seeking punitive damages in an undisclosed amount and the cost of their attorney fees. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]